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The elections are coming up, which generates a lot of discussion regarding sustainability. What do you think about this? And what is the role of the university in tackling climate change? Let us know what you think, participate in the discussion and join one of our events! 

In this newsletter you will find an overview of sustainable activities for March, including several lectures, a discussion and even a speed-dating session with like-minded students. We'll also introduce a few our new team members. Nice to meet you!

Klimaatalarm (Climate alarm) in Groningen

Climate change should be one of the central priorities during the Dutch elections on 17th March. That’s why the Climate Call collective will call attention to this problem by organizing demonstrations all over the country on Sunday 14th March.

You can join both at the demonstration in Groningen and from home! In both cases, it’s important to sign-up. That way, you’ll be kept up-to-date and the organisation will be able to show how many people care about the climate.

Sign up and more information

The role of University in Tackling Climate Change

Leading up to the Climate alarm (Klimaatalarm), the Green Office will organise a discussion about the role the university should play in tackling climate change. Do you want to raise your voice? This is your chance! You can even suggest topics for the discussion. The discussion will be on Friday 12 March, at 12:00

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A pergola at the Vismarkt?

Cities face increasing challenges such as the heat island effect, risk of flooding and reducing biodiversity in the years to come. The Vismarkt is one of the places in Groningen that is indicated as a high priority area in terms of making it more climate adaptive. However, currently, there are no adequate measures proposed. That is why a group of RUG students is working on a project to add a large amount of greenery on the Vismarkt through the construction of a very large pergola: The Leaf of Groningen. Interested to learn more? Please click here for more information!

Are you a student or staff member of the RUG interested in our project? And would you like to work together with us for greener, more climate-proof cities? Then sign up and join our group!

Join the Leaf of Groningen

Sustainable Speed-dating with the Vegan Student Association

Do you also swipe right when you see that someone is interested in veganism and/or sustainability

If so, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to meet like-minded people! We, Green Office Groningen and Vegan Student Association Groningen, are hosting an interactive online speed-dating event! Better than the apps - we promise!

The event takes place on Wednesday the 24 March at 20:00. We will set you up beforehand with a couple of potential matches with whom you can video chat for about five minutes. Questions to start up the conversation will be provided.

This event is open to everyone and is LGTBQ+ friendly. All we ask is that you sign up beforehand.

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Lecture: Materials for a Green Future #2’: Exploring secondary resources and industrial waste streams

How are we going to build in the future? Do we have enough resources for construction materials? One person’s waste is another person’s gold. The SREMat Group (KU Leuven) led by Prof. dr. Y. Pontikes is investigating and developing innovative processes in order to transform secondary resources (such as bauxite residue, ferrous and non-ferrous slags as well as municipal solid wastes) into heat resistant, insulating, and load-bearing materials for construction applications. Their vision is to create a cradle to cradle material loop.

Is there art in the waste? Studio ThusThat designs and makes with uncommon materials. Their work with overlooked materials involves moving between scientific research, industrial practices, and making. They hope that this approach results in a body of design work that is intellectually engaging, aesthetically rich, and ultimately accessible to wider audiences.

Can't wait to hear from the people of SREMat and Studio ThusThat? Block Thursday 18 March at 15:00 in your schedule and sign so we can keep you posted.
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Lecture: Reducing energy use of HPC

Are you interested to know how sustainability can be applied to computing? On the 23rd of March the Green Office Embassy CIT, New Energy Coalition and Pint of Science will host an event about energy usage of high performance computing facilities.

Georgi Gaydadijev, professor in Innovative Computer Architecture at the RUG, will give a talk about reducing energy usage of HPC and the trade-off between low-latency and energy. He will also provide examples of tools that can be used. Willem Koster, coordinator of UG data center, will be also there to answer your questions about the role sustainability plays in our data centers.
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New to the team!

My name is Malini and I am a Masters student of International Relations at the RUG. I chose the security track for my MA and that is how I got involved with environmentalism in my academic life. I have been advocating for more sustainable practices in my personal and academic life for some time now, and that's why I am very excited about the Green Office internship, as it's right up my alley of interest. During my time at the office I will be formulating a preliminary CO2 compensation strategy for the RUG based on my findings comparing strategies of other universities, as well as looking into local carbon offset projects.  Fingers crossed for a brighter and greener future! 

Hi everyone, my name is Daniël and together with my girlfriend and three cats I live in Groningen. I'm studying communication and the next months I'll be writing my master thesis at the Green Office. The subject is the Sulitest and how one can be persuaded in taking part in this test. Apart from studying I'm working part-time as a communication adviser. In my free time, I love to do different kinds of sports like kitesurfing and wakeboarding (both too cold to do right now), playing floorball and running. If you have any questions about my thesis, feel free to ask!

Hello! I am Max, a German master student of International security here at the RUG, and have just started my internship at the Green office. I have lived here for 5 years, having done both my BA and MA at this university.   My work at the Green office involves researching what policies other universities have or are planning on implementing to reduce their environmental impacts in the field of mobility and transportation. Sustainability, and environmental awareness are issues that have been close to my heart for a long time, and I am glad I have been put in a position where I have the opportunity to help make a difference!

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Let us know via!

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