Please join us on Wednesday, September 9th, at 6pm, for a jam packed evening of openings, previews, and performances! 
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Wednesday, September 9th, 2015
Exhibition Reception | 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Hors d'oeuvres and Cash Bar by ALVA 
2 Gateway Center, Newark NJ 07102

(Em)Power Dynamics: Exploring the Modes of Female Empowerment and Representation in America is an exhibition inspired by the collective body of flower paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe, starting in 1924, and Ana Mendieta’s Untitled (Facial Cosmetic Variations), 1972. Dating from two generations within the ongoing American feminist art movement, these artists exemplify the diversities of concerns, aesthetics, concepts, and approaches that make up the movement. These artists and their work confront the pervasive patriarchy that has been, and continues to be, dominant within our social landscape.

Mendieta and O’Keeffe represent two types of ‘feminist’ (or in the case of O’Keeffe, proto-feminist) artists. On one end, O’Keefe is not necessarily labeled as feminist for the content of her work, but instead for the role she played as a staunch pioneer for women Modernists amongst a sea of men. Mendieta addresses the other end of the spectrum. She used herself- her body, her personal narrative, and a larger social history to address the gender injustices in America. The legacy left by both women has set the tone for this exhibition.

(Em)Power Dynamics is an exhibition that surveys the gambit of American contemporary artists who have pushed boundaries. The diverse mix of artists in the show have advanced against the annals of gender inequality and served to empower not only women in the arts, but women throughout America. Artists in the exhibition not only explore the diversity in modes of representation, but also the vastness of issues and topics that have risen in the larger social/historical conversation. (Em)Power Dynamics is intended to take a critical look at the history and future of feminism in America. 

Artists Include: Jaishri Abichandani, Renée Cox, Ayana Evans, FLUCT, Angela Fraleigh, Chitra Ganesh, Rachel Mason, Marilyn Minter, Sophia Narrett, Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, Michele Pred, Ventiko and Shoshanna Weinberger.

(Em)power Dynamics is the second iteration of the Visualizing OUR Americana exhibition series. The series, which is divided into four different exhibitions, explores contemporary social issues through a critical visual lens. The exhibition does not include ‘artifacts,’ instead it presents contemporary work that explores the larger themes pertaining to the larger concept of American culture. Each exhibition is inspired by a ‘classic’ example of what we often associate with ‘Americana’.

The purpose of the series is not only to examine these issues, but also to highlight the positive aspects of diversity that directly correlate with each topic.

The definition of ‘Americana’ is ‘the materials concerning or characteristic of America, its civilization, or it’s culture; broadly: things typical of America’ (Merriam Webster). These materials not only chronicle our collective history, but also shape our social, cultural, and visual future.

In exploring the larger idea of a catchall term as Americana, one must analyze what comprises our American social landscape. America is a country built on the backbone of cross-cultural collaborations. Our foundation is not based on a singular or homogenous narrative; instead, it is a culmination of many voices, histories, and contributions. 

Image: Chitra Ganesh, Atlas, 2013. LightJet print. 48 x 60 inches. Edition of 3. 
Dear Newark, is an exhibition of notes from two photographers in one city. Through limited edition zine and prints, Andrew Petillo and Sheena She share their personal photographic and written letters to Newark, NJ from 2011-present. In addition to the familiar depictions of youth, She and Petillo also present complex perspectives of the skate and subcultures existing within Brick City. Shooting 35mm film, the two capture the drive that settles the restless, the collective consciousness that mends weary souls. Their photographs depict the energy, Jersey pride, the eternal flame that ignites creativity in their separate yet overlapping Newark- based circles.

Please visit the CREDIT site for more information on the exhibition. 
#SEEINGNEWARK at Post Pocket Utopia
Austin Thomas’ space at The Gateway Project titled “Post Pocket Utopia” is an art piece geared to engage the community adjacent to the exhibition space. Kicking off September 9, 2015 Post Pocket Utopia will open its inaugural project ‪#SEEINGNEWARK‬, an open-sourced photography project collected through community submissions. In addition to exhibiting artwork, Thomas’ goal is to produce a meeting place where home brewed beer will flow and where discussions will generate creative programming. 

Thomas encourages anyone and everyone to participate in the endeavor by tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, and physically posting images in the Post Pocket Utopia Space throughout the duration of the project. 

What A Facade: Horror Vacui is an art installation by Kelly Ann Pinho [in conjunction with] Lilly Ribeiro's Do You Eat the Head? wood cutting board series. In this latest work, Kelly Ann Pinho explores her identity by creating a horror vacui, a term that literally means "fear of empty space." Luso-American, Lilly Ribeiro's Do you eat the head? represents the artist's deconstructed cultural identity and social taboos in her self-exploration of food. The various works are inspired by the roles that Portuguese-American women play in their culture in the Ironbound, Newark community. Through these works, she hopes the audience will question their own traditions, rituals and practices. " 

Please visit the {LIPS} website for more details about the exhibition. 
ENDLESS EDITIONS  Bookmaking and Copyshop Residency Preview Night
Join Endless Editions for a fun evening of book making and RISO printing, as they preview some of what will be going on  during the program that they will host this fall at TGP.  You can also apply to be a Fall Copy Shop Resident onsite or online. The Copy Shop Residency is awarded to artists working in all media who have a strong interest in print and bookmaking. Unlike traditional residencies, The Copy Shop Residency can be as short as a few days and as long as three months, depending on the depth & scope of the proposed project.
At SKYLAB at Hotel Indigo 
Newark Downtown
Where the work of artist Charlee Swanson is on display.
Featuring performances by:
DJ Jade of Trades
Justina Valentine

9:00 - 11:00 PM
810 Broad St,
Newark, NJ 07102
Co-hosted by The Newark Times
For more information view the invitation.

Image: DJ Jade of Trades
We are so thrilled to host the incredible poet in this phenomenal poet, Jasmine Mans, at The Gateway Project Exhibition Space on September 19th, as part of our (em)Power Dynamics program.  This intimate performance will be followed by a discussion with Mans, and a signing of limited edition copies of her new book "Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels."

To purchase tickets please visit eventbrite
We are beyond excited to be a part of our January resident, Rashaad Newsome's 'The King of Arms Art Ball III' which brings together a panel of judges comprised of prominent figures within the Vogue, Arts, Entertainment, Fashion, Literary, and Activism worlds; to deliberate over who are the next Legends, Statements, Stars and Icons within the NYC 'Ballroom' scene. 

Admission is free. To get more information and/or register visit the event page. Registration will also be available on site. 
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