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Business Improvement District - Ballot Result 

Stratford Original Business Improvement District (BID) - Ballot Result

Dear <<First Name>>,

I am writing to advise you of the outcome of the ballot for the establishment of the Stratford Original Business Improvement District which took place during October and November and to set out our next steps. 71% of businesses voted in favour of creating the BID, paving the way for the transformation of our town centre. Below are the results recorded:
  •  Number of ballot papers sent = 248
  • Total number of valid votes cast = 101
  • Percentage of turnout of ballot = 40%
  • Total number of valid votes cast in favour of the BID proposal = 72
  • Aggregated rateable value of hereditaments of the valid votes cast = £12,703,950
  • Aggregated rateable value of hereditaments of the valid votes cast in favour of the BID proposal = £8,509,950 
You can read the announcement on our website here: We also want to thank you for giving us this opportunity and for backing our five-year plan to revitalise Stratford Town Centre.

What happens next?
Now that we have the mandate from businesses, we can start the ground work to put our full business plan into action ahead of the BID going live in April 2015. The BID will be run by the Stratford Original BID Company and over the coming months, we will work to:
  • Get the company established and incorporated
  • Set up a Stratford Original Board
  • Develop additional theme groups to work alongside the Board
  • Finalise agreements with the London borough of Newham about levy collection and baseline services
  • Engage with local businesses
How can I get involved in the running of the BID?
All businesses that were eligible to vote may become members of the company. Any member can stand for election to the Board. Company members may subsequently nominate themselves for directorships or to sit on one of the BID’s theme groups. The Board will manage the Executive Team, which will deliver the projects and services as set out in the BID proposal. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to get involved on 0208 555 7065 or email
How long will the BID last?
The BID term will be five years in duration from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2020. Before the end of this period, the BID Board may choose to seek renewal of the BID for a further term, through a renewal ballot.
We will be in touch again in due course with updates on our work leading up to the start of the BID in April 2015.

Yours sincerely,

Cathy Low
On behalf of The Stratford Original Team

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