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Now, get ready for giant sharks and ladymurder (It's been an odd week) and welcome to The Full Lid!
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Oh The Shark Bites, With Such Teeth, Dear
A Short Note About Ladymurder As Character Motivation
Me But On The Online
A Slightly Longer Note About Ladymurder As Character Motivation
Where My Work Is This Week
Signing Off

Oh The Shark Bites, With Such Teeth, Dear

PRODUCER 1: Do you think Jason knows we cut all the gore?
PRODUCER 2: No and it's going to be really awkward when he finds out, we should leave.

Jason Statham's ongoing ascent into the heights of Kurt Russellian goofy badass continues unabated with The Meg. In fact, if anything, it gets faster. He has three entire facial expressions here! THREE! He smiles! By choice! A lot! There's a romantic subplot which doesn't involve the woman waiting around to be saved! There's a cute kid! A robot! A surprisingly magnificent beard! Some even more surprising survivors!

Based on the novels of the same name, The Meg stars Jason Statham as Jason Statham. This time he's a deep sea rescue specialist whose MANPAAAAAAIN! comes from having to leave his friends behind on a rescue mission to a submarine called the Rogue which was torn apart by a mysterious creature only he saw. The Rogue. Seriously. It may as well have been the USS Flex.

Anyhoo, Jonas Statham drinks himself into a guilt ridden stupor in Thailand (While never skipping core day) for a couple of years until he gets the call. Cliff Curtis (Who also has a character name but bless him he's always Cliff Curtis to me) has a problem; Jonas' ex-wife is trapped 11,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. And what's stalking her is what killed his best friends...

Spoiler, it's an enormous shark.

This could so easily have been ponderous or a schlock fest and, well, it's occasionally both. There are a lot of characters,a lot of moving parts and some pleasingly burly (And kind of plausible if you squint) science. But stick with it because when The Meg takes off it takes OFF. Li Binbing is especially great as Suyin, chief sub pilot, daughter of Professor Exposition and at least as much of a badass as Statham and the romance that slowly builds between the two is weirdly sweet and complex. Better still there are strong supporting turns from Ruby Rose, Cliff Curtis and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, the magnificence of whose name is matched only by that of his beard.

Plus it's a giant shark movie! What's not to love?

The Meg is ridiculous. The Meg is immense fun and way more snarky (and sharky) than you might expect. Seriously Mack the Knife is the single shark joke it leaves in the water. Stay to the end, trust me.

The Meg is on general release now.

A Short Note About Ladymurder As Character Motivation

Don't do it. It's lazy and stupid.

Me But On The Online

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A Slightly Longer Note About Ladymurder as Character Motivation

Don't do it. 


Look, here's the thing. I work in genre spaces an awful lot and the only folks more guilty of 'MY MURDERED WIIIIIIFE/DAUGHTER/MOOOOOOM!' than us are crime writers. The worst movie I saw, by a considerable bloody margin, last year was The Snowman. It's actual non-functional narrative, 85% of a script apathetically filmed and shoved on screen so Michael Fassbender can trudge through it. And, I found out when researching why this had to happen to ANYONE, it actually went back around and added more ladymurder to the original script.

The single good thing that zit of a movie did is taught me this; the default victim in fiction is female. Fridging is a thing for a reason and I am so tired of that reason I could vomit. It's even got to the stage now where series which have no need whatsoever to go the team ladymurder route do so anyway. Case in point? Reverie.

Reverie should be my jam. It's rescue fiction. It's this century's take on VR5. Sarah Shahi is physically incapable of turning in bad work. The supporting cast includes Denis Haysbert and Sendil Ramamurthy. The whole premise is a hostage negotiator being sent into VR clients' bespoke dreams to persuade them to leave before they die. So me, right?

The first episode includes not one, but three, dead women. Mara's sister and niece, who she failed to save from their abusive husband and the wife of her first client who died in a car accident. Oh, better still, said car accident was caused by him being hopped up on caffeine pills and working three jobs to support her through her cancer diagnosis.

Pardon my French, but fucking HELL.

Women shouldn't be narrative collateral damage. They shouldn't be wallpaper with dialogue. Female characters shouldn't be meat puppets for authors who like to pay lip service to equality while at the same patting themselves on the back for putting tits and swords in the same scene.  And no of course I'm not saying female characters should be exempt from harm. I am saying male characters far too often are and it bores and annoys me in equal proportion. 

Reverie may well improve. We're one episode in and no show has any idea what it actually is for the first six scripts written. I hope so as it's a good idea, has a good heart and a great cast. But my tolerance for ladymurder is dropping every time a show pushes that largest and laziest of buttons. So please, from me, the next time you're doing horrible death as motivation, go for literally anything else other than ladymurder. God knows it's needed. And God knows no one else seems to be bothering.

Reverie, which I hope improves, is showing in the UK on Syfy


Where My Work Is This Week

At MYM you can read my review of the last episode of season 1 of Cloak & Dagger. Spoiler: I really liked it. The whole season in fact.

At Tor, you can read my piece on the ten best episodes of Torchwood, and trust me, there are ten great episodes of Torchwood. Even more if you count the audio dramas. Also over there I'm talking about my favorite time loop episodes from recent TV shows and why it's a much better story idea, a lot of the time, than anyone gives it credit for.

Signing Off

An immense shark! An immensely lazy trope! An immensely busy pre-WorldCon week!

Thanks for reading, folks. Here is my Ko-Fi. If you liked this, please consider donating. 

I'm in San Jose next week but you'll still have something good in your inbox. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend and stay out of the water because this?

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