The Full Lid-WorldCon 76 Photo Supplement

As promised, folks, here's pictorial evidence of the week at WorldCon, along with some more words. You've got:

-Operation Meatshield
-The Best Photo Of Me Taken This Year
-Hugo Night Fabulous
-Digging Ditches, Wearing Hats

Operation Meatshield

The fine folks of Operation Meatshield spent our Saturday afternoon...kind of in the way in the best way. WorldCon, for reasons entirely too dull to explain, ended up caught between two protests. Neither were large, neither were convenient and one, as I talked about in the main body, was something I will be angry about for a long time.
Regardless, these folks stepped up to help out in the hardest way possible; quietly and politely. It was a really good thing to do and I was honoured to be part of it. Oh and not only did I get to see Marguerite in full on media lawyer mode but thanks to a hilariously timed nosebleed, I have a HERE TO HELP shirt with blood on it. Which isn't quite as cool as Setsu's PseudoPod shirt with FREE HUGS scrawled on it, but it's pretty close.

The Best Photo Of Me Taken This Year

So, Olav Rokne was the official photographer for WorldCon. He's lovely and a fiercely talented photographer. And when he stopped the shoot to shake my hand and tell me I should be on the ballot? Mur had an idea, and thus, the best photo of my taken this year was born.

Hugo Night Fabulous

Myself, the luminous Marguerite, the magnificent Nikki Glowin-Wallace and Matt Wallace on the end there, minutes from victory and one of the best speeches I've heard in a long time.

My Favorite Ditch Diggers

Matt Wallace. Mur Lafferty. Amazing hats. Victorious Podcasters. Two of my best friends, dressed ridiculously, drinking dragon money at the loser's party. 

Wrapping Up

This scratches the surface. There was a dinner with Sandra M Odell, Alex and Melissa Hofelich and Rachael K Jones where the server mentioned how much he enjoyed looking after our 'family' that made me realize that's exactly what it is. There was a glorious Escape Pod Live complete with cake provided by the amazing Effie Seiberg. There was catching up with old friends like Dave Robison and Mike Headley and meeting new ones like Margaret Dunlap. Most of all, there was a sense of hope, of change, that this field that too often lauds its past futures at the expense of its actual ones, was facing the right direction for once. It was a GREAT week and one I was honored to be part of.

Plus let's face it, I make the kilt look GOOD.

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