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February 23, 2016
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Indonesian Language & Fun
This week, we will bring you a snapshot of fun activities that Indonesian language students do outside of class. Our MA students Kasey Rackowitz and Shannon Bush report.

First, second, and third year students of Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language), taught by Bu Pauli Sandjaja, had a unique opportunity to celebrate the end of fall quarter and of 2015. Bu Briggi, a friend of Bu Pauli’s since college who now lives in the Seattle area, invited students to share an Indonesian feast that the two prepared. Although Bu Briggi had only met a few of us before the party, she welcomed us all like family and cooked so many dishes that the party became a course in Indonesian cuisine.

When we arrived, Bu Briggi had just finished frying tofu and tempe to a perfect golden brown, which she served with homemade sambal... For Indonesian parties, it is typical that the host (in this case there is an exception because Bu Pauli helped) is the one who prepares all the food. Potlucks are usually reserved for more intimate get-togethers between family members.

After everyone arrived, the crowd immediately moved to the kitchen. We thanked Bu Briggi for all the delicious homemade food. She humbly responded in the traditional Indonesian way by apologizing for not serving enough and that it was not a big deal. She was just thrilled to have the opportunity to throw a party for Bu Pauli and her students. After every person took a heaping plate of food for the first round, there was still enough food that it appeared barely touched. Bu Briggi’s home went silent. To people who are more accustomed with American party culture, this may seem strange and maybe on the brink of being rude. For Bu Briggi, “hearing” that silence gave her joy because it was a sign that the food was delicious.
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After Myanmar’s 2015 Election:
How History Reveals What Lies Ahead for “Discipline Flourishing Democracy”


Mary Callahan
Associate Professor, JSIS

Tomorrow, Feb 24, 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
Communications Building (CMU), Room 226

Refreshments will be served!
Myanmar has stood on the edge of history-shattering transformations twice in the last thirty years. The most recent triumph of Aung San Suu Kyi’s political party in the November 8, 2015 election has been widely celebrated as a major step toward the fulfillment of popular aspirations in a nation long left behind by past wave(s) of democratization.
But the country faces enormous challenges in the coming months and years, not the least of which are the distorted popular expectations that Aung San Suu Kyi can fix everything. What lies ahead, as Myanmar’s opening to reform moves into rule by the former opposition, and as the military continues to wield significant influence?

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History of Southeast Asia
JSIS A 221/HSTAS 221 with Christoph Giebel
MW 2:30-4:20 (with section on Friday)

Music of Indonesia
MUSIC 439 with Christina Sunardi
MW 1:30‐2:50

Islam, Mysticism, Politics & Performance in Indonesia
JSIS 462/586, HSTAS 466/566 with Laurie Sears
TTh 3:30-5:20

Non-Western Architecture
ARCH 251 with Vikram Prakash
TTh 9:30-11:20

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