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Now in Private Practice!

I’m so grateful and excited to announce the opening of my new bespoke private practice, conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan at 108 West 39th Street, Suite 1601, New York, NY, 10018. Just steps away from Bryant Park!

I founded my practice with an appreciation that our mind, body, brain, and spirit are intimately intertwined, and impacted upon, by one another.

My passion for combining my more scientific training with my innate desire for artistic expression has always inspired me. Therefore, it is my goal in my new private practice to not only draw heavily from such tools as cognitive behavioral and mindfulness-based techniques, but also involve the healing potential of the arts.

I see clients ages 18 and up and each session is personal and all appointments are custom fit to my clients individual needs. I provide multiple services including individual therapy, biofeedback, neuropsychological and pre-surgical assessment, and mindfulness-based training.

I invite you to browse my recently relaunched website to learn more about my specific credentials, my treatment philosophy, my BrainCurves™ community – where I invite you to please join me by sharing your voice all of the services I provide, and many helpful links and resources for your wellness journey.

I look forward to your thoughts and thank you for joining me as I enter this new stage of my professional journey, part of which will include a larger focus on my professional workshops

My workshops are particularly popular with all types of businesses, corporations, and organizations wanting to kick-start a Wellness Revolution. Lately, I’ve spoken a lot about Wellness in the Workplace for corporations desiring to create more community and lift morale. 

SAVE THE DATE: I'll be speaking at WEforum, a Women’s Health and Wellness Conference, coming up on April 20, 2016.

Can't make it to a Workshop? I invite you to enroll in Mindful-U in 2016!

Mindful-U is my BrainCurve’s version of yoU-niversity in which yoU will obtain the skillset and mindset to foster a more mindful, that's right, YOU! Early admission will open soon: Stay tuned for updates!

May we continue to grow together in both our personal and professional lives. 

- Jennifer Wolkin, PhD

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Jennifer Wolkin, PhD
I want to share two recent posts of mine that have received positive feedback. First I want to share this blog post I wrote about Pixar's film Inside Out, now out on DVD, and accompanying viewer discussion guide, which has been shared on numerous online publications and downloaded over 60 times...
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I also want to share my guest blog on It was first posted in August, and continues to receive comments and be shared by readers and organizations from around the globe. I try to convey here how practice makes...more practice, and also impacts our neural circuitry!
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