Your brain is hungry; treat it - Brain Awareness Week – March 16-22
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In honor of Brain Awareness Week, Celebrated March 16-22,
I’d like to welcome you to...

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How I came to be BrainSpired:

Ever since I read Dianne Ackerman’s ode to the brain, I have had this sort of love affair with, as Dianne called it, our “shiny mound of being”.  I loved the mystery; we are just brains studying brains. 

Jennifer Wolkin, PhD

The thing we  are trying to understand is the very thing we are using to try and understand it!

8 years later, I am a practicing clinical neuropsychologist sharing my love, knowledge, and personal experiences with you, and learning from each of you as well.

Why is the Brain important?

The Brain leads mind and body, and the Brain heeds mind and body. The Brain plays a role in every thought, feeling, and body sensation we experience. That includes every twitch, every blink, and also every fear, joy, and deepest desire.

The Brain is the big boss and on top of that, it has a lot of nerve too! 

Seriously speaking, the brain and the spinal cord make up the Nervous System, where billions of nerve cells (neurons) speak back and forth between the brain and body. What’s the convo like?

The neuro-nutshell is really just THIS: Miraculous.

Every memory, each micro-movement needed to brush your teeth, that delicious morsel you tasted, every step you took, the anxiety you felt and the daydreams that inspired you...they ALL were a manifestation of lots of talking. A plethora of dialogue went on inside of you today, and you need to know it and give it the fuel it needs!

How do we nourish the Brain?

Neuroplasticity, the idea that new neurons can be created, makes it very possible for our lifestyle to play a big role, no matter your age, in maintaining and improving brain function.

There is something each of us can do to help our Brains stay healthy and vital for years to come:  

  1. Reduce your stress levels (and SO much else) by practicing Mindful Meditation
  2. Get the blood pumpin’ around up there via Exercise
  3. Use it, so you don’t lose it, by engaging in Mental Stimulation
  4. Literally nourish your brain with Balanced Nutrition
  5. Stay positively connected to yourself and others by Socializing

How will you make one change in your life today towards Brain Health? 

Remember. When your Brain Thrives, YOU Thrive. 

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[The Brain-is wider than the Sky-]

The Brain - is wider than the Sky-
For - put them side by side-
The one the other will contain

Withease - and You- beside-

The Brain is deeper than the sea-
For - hold them - Blue to Blue -
The one the other will absorb -
As Sponges - Buckets - do -

The Brain is just the weight of God -
For - Heft them - Pound for Pound -
And they will differ - if they do -
As Syllable from Sound-

~ Emily Dickinson ~
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