Hone your Mental Health in the New Year
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September's "Five to Thrive" 
Hone Your Mental Health, De-Stress, and Renew 
The transitional time that is the end of summer/beginning of autumn has always resonated as a poignant time in my life. 

This has a lot to do with the fact that this time coincides with the lunar calendar new year, which is called Rosh Hashana in Hebrew. Rosh Hashana speaks to the parts of me that both enjoy celebrating the opportunity of a new beginning, but also reflecting on the year that has passed.

Celebrating a new year - be it a new school year, or preparing for a new fiscal quarter - with a healthy dose of reflection best allows for gratitude, a more mindful reckoning of dreams realized, and a deep understanding that our success is only made possible in the context of loving and being loved by a supportive community.

Accordingly, in the past year I have enjoyed, and deeply appreciate, all of your support, insight, constructive feedback, and belief in my work to bring accurate and accessible mind-body-brain wellness information to you in the BrainCurves community. Thank YOU!

This past week, I had the opportunity to attend a health psychology conference in Cyprus. Besides being blown away by the coming together of so many passionate scientists and practitioners from around the world, I also was struck by the opportunity for reflection. You see, Cyprus coasts the incomparable Mediterranean Sea, over which the sun rises and sets magically. On the same day I happened to take these two pictures, and in looking back upon them, I realized that this universe supports the theme of continuous beginnings, wholly and fully. 

            Cyprus Sunrise                               Cyprus Sunset

As mortals, so much is uncertain -a great source of anxiety. Yet, we can trust that for as long as our hearts are beating, the sun will also always rise. It sets, but will rise again, and again, and again. 

…There is no end to the beginnings we can take...

With reflection and renewal, it is with great excitement that I welcome you to a new BrainCurves beginning: Five to Thrive!

Each week I will now be offering a set of FIVE ways, reasons, attitudes, tools, etc. to help the busy person: “GRAB some info on the go, GET into gear, and GO from surviving to THRIVING!” 

As humans, with our capacity to reason and make decisions, we actually need reasons in order to help with our decisions to change. In today’s world of mass distraction, with all the information that technology has put at our fingertips, our brains are more inclined to feel overwhelmed about making choices - about making changes and starting anew. This leads to unhealthy choices in many areas of our lives, including wellness.

What if accurate information was made more accessible by being put forth for you in an efficiently consolidated way…five bytes. That’s it. Digestible, well-regarded, expert facts and opinions that you can get weekly right into your inbox! (Be sure to subscribe to the BrainCurves blog here). 

So I present my first Five to Thrive article, and accompanying visual reminder, that shares five ways we can all begin to hone our mental health. 

CLICK TO READ Five “Simple” Ways to Hone Your Mental Health, De-Stress, and Renew in the New Year! With this FREE downloadable image to keep you inspired...until the next post!

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To all of our wellness beginnings,

- Dr. Jen


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