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Making Skills Stick: Emphasize, Encourage, Praise, REPEAT

Author: Jemma Merrick
The chance of that skill you just introduced to your team at practice finding its own way to game day is slim. So, now what? Some tips on how to bring those skills to life and make them stick!

  • Emphasize: Choose one or two skills to focus on each training session. After players have learned to do a skill without pressure, incorporate it into the rest of that training session (and the next one!) and give them opportunities to try it in game-like situations. Remind players before the end-of-practice scrimmage or prior to a game that you are looking for a certain skill. Challenge them to spend 10 minutes working on the skill at home between practices.
  • Encourage: Players need extra incentive to try something new and something they might not find immediate success with. Give a certain skill extra weight/points for that practice or put a restriction on their play that they need to do the skill before they can shoot or score. Keep track of how many times players do a certain skill during a game.
  • Praise: In the early stages just trying is a success and should be highly praised! Verbalize and show excitement around your observation of attempts and fully executed skills to the other players, to the individual as they are substituted off, to the whole team at half-time or to a parent and player as you walk off the pitch after the final whistle.

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Making Changes at the Highest & Lowest Levels

Author:  Alan Merrick

Making changes at the Lowest Level
Many of the Directors of Coaching out there in the USA Soccer World use their heads and management skill set to move the organization or the board going forward with small adjustments. Just like them, a new soccer player sometimes uses their toes when they shouldn't, for them sometimes a subtle change is also best.
Often coaching directors make changes to the competitive parts of the program and ignore the recreational parts. It is counter intuitive when the easiest changes to be made can happen at the youngest level and it can have the greatest impact. We all know that new players begin in a recreational program, low and behold, that is where our competitive players come from.
Teaching them the correct skills at the very beginning allows them to develop a solid platform, they learn to enjoy the game, grow in confidence, have a good foundational skill set and get much satisfaction from the game. Statistics tell us that 12,13 and 14 year old players make decisions on their continuing in the game, their biggest challenge is the skill set and ball mastery of the basics. Would it be fair to say the biggest challenge for DOC’s and their Staff members is to impart a comprehensive skill set into the youngest of players and let them develop?
Being able to have confidence in the competency of a skill set that includes lateral motion of ball control, dribbling at players and have one or two deception moves, ball control of high and low ball service, correct passing technique with side foot, volleys and laces, these all go hand in hand with players staying in the game past 14 years of age.
MOTI Sports and the Soccer Training Platform has taken all of these important factors and elements into consideration to give players the opportunity to have Technical Skills and also game and possession drills at their fingertips for instant visualization, muscle memory, observation with home study.

Making changes at the Highest Level
At this time of year Directors of Coaching are sifting thru all the clutter that is circulating around either from voice mails, texts or in the E mail box. I am currently fascinated by the demand for analytics to assist in the complex Data that is percolating inside and surrounding Youth Soccer. This complex structural data can and is presenting extensive growth prospects for the Soccer Analytics market place
There is a rising need for Soccer Organizations to know more about their memberships habits by analyzing and giving insights into the sheer volume of information of on field and off field Data. This data can be obtained from a myriad of sources and needs Soccer Organizations to adopt Soccer Analytical Solutions!
Harvesting this Data gives deep insights to help the Soccer entity to improve and guide their decision making for their day to day and future business processes. Yes Soccer people Youth Soccer is big business in every community.
This huge amount of Data can now be shipped up into the Cloud Base Storage for easy access and sets up exponential opportunities for adoption of this type of service. The Cloud is synonymous to a remote server or data center and is now being used by consumers and professionals alike.
Soccer analytics can provide a comprehensive view of stats that pertain to the organizations needs to be proactive to their membership understanding the groups needs, wants, risks, concerns and opportunities as they arise.
The MOTI Soccer Training Platform has incredible power of Analytics regarding players and the coaches understanding of Club Curriculum, individual Team Practice plans and the Apps usage and numbers of eyeballs that are utilizing the educational elements. With the MOTI Soccer Training Platform your Club/organization gets to know who and for how long your membership is looking at the Sponsorship banners/advertisements/coupons/event announcements etc.  

MOTI Sports Tip: Important Messages - Use the Announcements!

Every Coach and Player on your team will go past the Announcements, on a desktop or on a phone. Use the area daily to encourage your Coaches and Players to read the board. If you post an up-lifting message it really has a positive impact. Remember this area is better than a message in that EVERYONE on the team sees it. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate...

MOTI Mobile Tip: Using 3D Animation Controls

When Viewing a 3D Skill or 3D Drill in the MOTI Mobile app, there are many available controls to enable you to view from the perspective you want to view from. The 3D animations are at the bottom of the screen in any orientation. We recommend viewing the e0cd90d1-a707-4611-8806-589cbe9592b4.png 3D Skill in Portrait mode and the e0cd90d1-a707-4611-8806-589cbe9592b4.png 3D Drill in landscape mode. The controls at the bottom of the screen, from left to right: Loop (tells the app to continuous play), Single Frame Back (moves the animation to the prior frame), Play (plays the animation it the forward time direction), Single Frame Forward (moves the animation to the next frame), Eye - opens a list of various positions for viewing, like Bird's Eye) and Character - reserved for a future release. Remember as you maneuver around the 3D area using the Joy Stick on the Right side of the screen and the Elevation Control on the Left side of the screen. Pinching and Spreading your fingers on the screen will also allow Zoom in and out. Moving your finger across the screen will also change your Point of View (POV).  

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