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End of the Spring Season. Time for systemic change?

Author: Alan Merrick MOTI Sports

This time of year at the end of the Spring Season, the smallest problem can become amplified a thousand fold before a Club’s leadership realizes it was a minor issue.  Often, DOC’s become electronic dart boards as they are inundated with emails and texts from coaches, parents and players, making it difficult to not only respond but reflect and implement systemic change for needed improvement..

Systematic change occurs with good, consistent, communication back and forth from the DOC and the club and strong support from club leadership.  People accept change when they know the DOC is listening to them and solving their problems. The MOTI app is designed for clear communication to all the stakeholders in a soccer club – and is easy to manage and interface throughout all levels of club structure. 

Here are several tips on communicating with your board, coaches and parents:

1. Always begin by asking them if they have any concerns or ideas to share. Having them talk first, shows you are interested and listening to them.

2. When presenting a solution to a problem, make sure they have ownership and that they understand it resolves one or more of the concerns or opens up an opportunity they desire to occur

3. When concluding the conversation, make sure they understand that you appreciate their input and suggestions

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3D visual presentations.  This is a game changer!

Author: David Tarleton President North Metro Soccer Association
"MOTI Sports, Inc. approached us last year to talk about a program they were developing that would allow us to provide our players and coaches with 3D visual presentations.  This is a game changer for us -  many of our coaches at the younger ages have little to no training in soccer.  MOTI allows us provide these coaches with a continuum of lesson plans they can see and understand and easily utilize. The coaches are now better prepared to meet needs of the players with developmentally appropriate soccer training. 

The players can also watch the drills from a variety of perspectives and come to practice prepared and ready to go.  Spending less time teaching and explaining how to do a drill means we accomplish more and our coaching is more effective."

MOTI Sports

Leveling the Pitch for All

Author: Gordy Thomas MOTI Sports
Often when players come together under a new coach, their prior experiences shape the way they interrupt what the Coach says. Often players have prior environmental and terminology differences that will enable some to succeed under a coach, while others become dis-enfranchised, do not thrive, and thus dropping out.

Three Keys Steps to Level the Pitch for all:

1st: Find a method that helps you communicate visually and effectively with all players. While coaches rely on auditory learning as well as demonstrations on the pitch, it cannot be ignored that visual and auditory review by the player or coach prior to the practice significantly improves kinetic learning during the session.

2nd: Utilizing uniform terminology across age groups of players and coaches simplifies understanding and therefore performance when coaches are encouraging players to correct or enhance their skill set on the pitch.

3rd: Monitoring: You can expect what you inspect. As coaches or coaching directors, you need tools to measure performance of players and coaches themselves. Tools that enable a coach to see if a player reviewed the practice plan in advance, can lead to better coach - player communication. Coaching directors can review what practice plans are yielding results by seeing statistically what teams of players are watching, how often or even if at all. Finally, when parents wonder why their daughter or son are not catching-on, it gives the coach a place to reference. 

MOTI Sports Tip

When editing practice plans, you can now touch any of the 3D skills (pink icon) or 3D Activities (green icons) and watch a representative video before you add it to the practice plan.

MOTI Mobile sees in new light

MOTI Mobile new release features - We've updated the user interface to be more user friendly, New Splash Screen, modified Menu button backgrounds on main screen, relocated back button, rearranged top user interface controls of drills and techniques, changed rotation on main screen, installed a new skybox and lighting for drills, greatly improved caching of practice plans and other data for speed. Version 1.4 60 is being uploaded to the store as we speak. Go to iTunes or Google Play store and pick up MOTI Mobile (free of course).
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