Howdy Traipser!

Heckuva couple weeks in Traipsing Land. I won’t bore you with details, but I’m relieved to be writing this newsletter instead of putting out fires.

In contrast to my petty problems: Putin suuucks and I feel for the Ukrainians. Russia's Dilemma by Tomas Pueyo laid a foundation for me and the essay A Moment of Clarity by Noah Smith helped frame things.

Maybe we aren’t getting invaded, but stressful times always make me want to connect with my family and friends...

Trampling About, Edition 96 features:

-The Nothingness of Money
-Magic photo editing
-T. rex science



Winter returned to Bend with sub-zero temps this week. Rooting for more much-needed snow.

The Nothingness of Money

I’ve been a fan of the FIRE movement (financial independence, retire early) for years. The problem is that focusing on money (earning it, tracking it, investing it) can become a hobby in itself.

I've seen so many people who "retired" early start blogs talking about...retiring early. Money. Investing. Hmm.

“Money is a required pursuit for life, but a pointless pursuit upon death.” So says the insightful essay The Nothingness of Money, one of the best I’ve read regarding how to think about money.

The premise is that we are better served by reducing our focus on money ASAP. When we have enough for security, why do we still spend our precious life energy obsessing about money Especially if most of us value the experiences it allows, not the actual net worth number!

Graph from The Nothingness of Money: What if we decreased the amount we thought about money as we aged, rather than right at the end of our lives?
Like this! More Zen about money the older we get.

Easy AI picture editing


This incredible, easy-to-use AI photo editor feels like waving a magic wand. I LOVE IT. If you take pictures, you will too.

It reminds me of the quote from scifi author Arthur C. Clark: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Not your Jurassic Park T. rex


The ground beneath my feet trembled this week when this article taught me T. rexes are not as I pictured (or drew) them. Even the name is different: the rex is lower case!

My fav facts:

-T. rex rocked a mullet of feathers on its head, neck and tail. So punk.

-Their vision, smell and hearing were all excellent (aka Jurassic Park got it veryyy wrong).

-Their arms were even shorter than I thought. Picture stubby wings, since they evolved from birds.

-Their “roar” was closer to a crocodile growl or a bird squawk. They could only walk fast, not run. (Think about the running stress levied upon the body if you weighed 9 tons!)

Now I have a tough decision to make: do I modernize my T. rex drawings?

The real T. rex. Scroll on to see MY real T. rex...

Questa è la fine!  96th edition of Traipsing About, check.

This week's unsolicited advice: ask yourself if you're thinking too much about money.

P.S. Is your cat a heckin' chonker, a fine boi, or a megachonker? Find out with this hilarious cat chonk chart. (Thanks, Chelsea's dad.)

Even T. rexes with mullets struggle mightily with Downward Rex yoga pose.
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