What up, Traiiiiipser!

Good news: after all my health drama and visit to the ER, I'm good to go other than whiplash symptoms.

After I passed out (twice) and almost broke my neck, the best guess from doctors after a ton of testing is that I had a vagus nerve episode in response to nausea.
My takeaway: Humans are fragile, leaky bags of goo.
Also, ~20 Traipsing readers emailed after my last newsletter sharing their experiences with the same thing! Whaaaat. Either this is a common occurrence, or I have a strange audience (more likely).

Hot Springing About, Edition 106 features:

-Bikepacking the Oregon Big Country route.

-Diagnose your (vehicle) problems

-Risk of bear attack: really pretty quite gosh dang high



One of those "oh, wow, I get to be here" moments on the Big Country.

Bikepacking the Oregon Big Country

Way out yonder in SE Oregon lies the Oregon Big Country bikepacking route. If you’re looking for a remote desert getaway, you’ve found it.

Overall, I expected cruisy gravel roads, mild vertical gain, and hot springs to soothe bikepacking soreness.

I nailed 1 out of 3: the hot springs were amazing.

In reality, the Big Country route served up a variety plate of different terrain ranging from desert playa up to snowy mountains. I’ve bikepacked and road toured a lot and this trip surprised me with the physical difficulty, remoteness, commitment level, and sheer beauty.

Check out the full blog post here.

OR just look at the photo gallery. (Some sweet photos, if I say so myself. All iPhone!)

Why yes, Sean does enjoy a morning hot springs soak with his coffee.

What's wrong with my vehicle?

As part of dialing in our van for an upcoming summer roadtrip, I bought a OBDII scanner to diagnose any engine codes on the fly.

I had an old Scangauge before, which I found cumbersome to use. Instead, I found a Fixd scanner on Ebay for $20. It syncs to my iPhone via Bluetooth and shares far more information about the problem vs. just "ERROR423j2foff."

Now that's a camp sunset! (Willow Hot Springs)

Bears, bears, everywhere


My Brazilian piano teacher and Italian teacher are both convinced that every time I leave my house, I'm at severe risk of bear attack.

Obviously, I fan those flames whenever possible. For instance, my in-law's wildlife cam recently captured a burly black bear wandering around on their deck in Idaho. I immediately passed it along to my bear-fearing teachers.

So you can be sure I shared a chart of bear attacks from this "hilarious maps that no one asked for" collection. NOWHERE on Earth is safe, people!

Ok, gotta run! (From a bear, obv.) Episode 106 of Traipsing About is AHHHHH jdfajdafadfmak.
Catch ya in two weeks. I leave you with this quote that Readwise popped up recently. Apropos given my ER scare and descent into
Mordor being 40.

P.S. It's no longer avocado season.

I don't want you to think bikepacking is all hot springs and lovely camp sites! The Big Country also featured a 5-mile hike-a-bike in the hot sun through sand. Hooray for cheery travel companions. ONWARD.

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