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People ask me questions about investing and finances often enough that I'm working on a blog series. It'll draw on my personal experience and link to my favorite resources and thinkers in the money world, especially the FIRE movement.

I'd love to hear your questions related to building a financial foundation and getting started investing! What's confusing, hard or intimidating?  Simply reply to this newsletter if you have anything you'd like me to potentially address and perhaps I can wrap it into the series.




Playing with FIRE: A Documentary about Financial Independence

Thanksgiving is coming up and a movie night with friends or family may be in order! Even better if it kicks off some dinner conversation about money, right? *Awkward silence*

WHATEVER. My friend Scott recently launched a documentary about the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early). As of Tuesday, it's available for purchase online! Whether you're just graduating college or years into your career, this movie may blow expectations about retirement out of the water.

This is the first feature-length documentary about FIRE; it's a powerful look at a movement that has transformed thousands of lives worldwide. Along with Scott's story, it features many big FIRE names, including Mr. Money Mustache, The Mad Fientist, Paula Pant and Vicki Robins. Check it out!

Real Life is Way More Complex Than Free Soloing: Post-El Capitan for Alex Honnold

If you haven't heard of the movie Free Solo, I'm impressed at your ability to ignore media! The documentary about Alex Honnold's ropeless rock climb of El Capitan won an Oscar and seemed to capture the imagination of even non-climbers.

How does one top such a mind-blowing achievement? This excellent ESPN article digs deep into that question with Alex. (Check out the video too.) This is the Body issue of ESPN Mag, so there's also some (slightly awkward) photos for your enjoyment.

A quote from the article that struck me for the way it applies not just to super athletes, but to all of us:

"Any great athlete will tell you the urge to redefine your limits doesn't wane with age. It gets worse, and so conspires against future happiness. Legacies fade, talent diminishes, but the drive to do something great remains."

Four Powerful Nonfiction Books!

Books, especially nonfiction, deliver amazing value for expanding our horizons that even TED talks just don't capture. How else can you get brilliant people to pour their brains and souls out for you to absorb?

Here are four of my recent favorites. I'd love to hear your recommendations too!
  • The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker - Chelsea and I create many gatherings and we're aiming to up the ante in 2020. This book lays out common hosting errors and gave me excellent insight into making events top-notch. My biggest take-away: don't be a chill host! Be the conductor, not a passive participant.
  • Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday - I've followed Ryan's writing for a decade and think this is his best book yet. Clear, concise writing grounded in the wisdom of people who embrace calmness even in the chaos of doing great work.
  • Becoming by Michelle Obama - stories from the former First Lady's life reminded me of the awesome power of education and personal drive. I loved the sections about Barack's less formal side too.
  • 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari - a thoughtful discussion of the technological, political, social and existential quandaries that humankind faces. From artificial intelligence to biohacking to religion to immigration, the author of Sapiens and Homo Deus covers fascinating ground in his insightful fashion. 


Podcast: Cracking the Code of Love

This discussion with Dr. Sue Johnson, creator of Emotional Focused Therapy, walks through the life cycle of human relationships. The talk ranges from early infatuation to dating, marriage, and beyond while taking short detours to explore many of the hazards that are common in each stage.

Excellent info on how to create, protect, and nourish fulfilling sexual and emotional relationships. She's also got a great sense of humor! Here's the iTunes download.

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