Hey hey, Traipsers,

Thanks to van travel and off-grid time this week, this newsletter is a day late. I know, I know, you were freaking out...

My punishment: a guilty psyche resulting in an anxiety dream where I gave a badly-received presentation to my closest friends.

But hey, here it is. Better late than never! Hopefully my dreams tonight won’t include a friend telling me I’m an idiot.

Next week, photos from a trip with Chelsea to the beautiful Oregon coast and California redwoods!


This Week's Newsletter:

Cross the world four times without a camera, Eastern Oregon beauty, plastic trash turned into sculptures, and some sweet tunes.


P.S. If you’re looking for some winter reads and missed last week, check out my blog post with my favorite books of 2020.

Through a tunnel of green, then onto the dunes and the beach beyond! (Tahkenitch Dunes south of Florence.)

Cross the World Four Times...Without a Camera?

In 2006, I met a British bloke in Laos who traveled without a camera. “It’s all up here,” he said, tapping his shaggy head. It seemed crazy at the time (he HAD just left a traveler’s opium den…). I still wouldn’t do it!

However, it’s an interesting thought exercise. What would travel be like if we weren’t thinking of sharing the experience? No camera, no social media, just us and whatever is in front of us.

Which brings to mind the ever-wise Derek Sivers and his mini-post, Travel Without Social Praise. A great reminder to do things for ourselves, even if (especially if?) we share the results.

"We go places we think would be impressive to other people. We take photos that will make our life look wonderful when we share them. We want that praise — that social reward. Do we really want to do this thing, for its own sake? Or do we just want the praise?"

Also in the travel realm, Derek’s Cross the World Four Times. This resonated deeply with my experience of returning to places and delves into the reasons to travel at different phases of our lives. I love this quote:

The fourth time, late in life, to witness. To find old friends, and find that they’re gone. To see what’s changed, and what’s stayed the same. To appreciate the young. The world is theirs, not yours. Now you know what happens when you die: everything! Evolution, revolutions, inventions, disasters, so much love, and so many lives. You just won’t be part of it anymore.

Eye Candy From Eastern Oregon

Speaking of photos and travel, I failed mightily at capturing the magic of the canyon lands and deserts of Oregon during my recent van trip. Luckily, the Oregon Natural Desert Association created this slideshow with stunning images from eastern Oregon.

I just visited the area, but the photos fired me up to go back!


Hola, pinguino! A 10' penguin from the Washed Ashore project made of plastic that people cleaned off beaches. Check out the detailing - so creative.

Washed Ashore - Art to Save the Seas

If you walk beaches, you've seen beach trash. The quantity is insane sometimes, ranging from old nets and tires to toothbrushes and lids to products we all use every day.

Washed Ashore takes that beach trash and repurposes it into beautiful sculptures that travel the world as educational pieces. We did a little work with the nonprofit in 2013 on our big van trip and swung by Bandon, Oregon during this latest jaunt as well. (See penguin above.) Click around the site to check out them!

Two Excellent Spotify Playlists

Recently I’ve enjoyed these two Spotify playlists. Please send me any you think are amazing!

The first one, called Wild Horses, features a lot of laid-back bluegrass(ish) songs (covers and originals). (Thanks Brandon.)

Afternoon Train Ride is another favorite around our house for a nice vibe later in the day. Check it out!

That's it for this edition. As a parting shot, check out a short video of a Forest Philharmonic performance. Next week, ocean views and big trees coming your way!
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