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The summer smoke has arrived! Sad face. Has it landed where you are?


The west side of the Cascades are still clear, so at least van escapes shall keep us sane. Hope you're getting out for mini-adventures!

This Week's Newsletter:

I wrote a blog post! (More incoming.) Border security done...right? The best comic strip ever. How's your ear?

Waterfalls: still trendy and awesome.
(Diamond Creek Falls, near...well, not much.)
Blog Post: Dealing With Emotional Lightning Strikes


When I get hit in the head, I morph from Calm Dakota into Dak the Destroyer, Wannabe Viking Marauder. What comes next rarely catches me at my best...
A friend's recent travails with a lady friend inspired me to write this short blog post on Traipsing About. If you've ever over-reacted to a situation and regretted it later (mmhmmmm), check it out!

A Different Take On Border Security

These days, border security is one of the more contentious issues in politics. In an effort to better understand the situation, I'm reading and listening to various thoughts from both sides of the aisle.
This Revisionist History podcast episode looks at how a brilliant Vietnam commander's "retirement stint" turned border security into what it is today, for better or worse.
More personal to me, there's also the time I ran from gunshots (blog post) and learned a few things about the realities of living near the Arizona border.
Prefer audio? Hear me tell the story in this Boldly Went podcast (skip to 21:40).

Calvin and Hobbes: Still Amazing

My family owned every Calvin and Hobbes comic book when I was a kid. To say they were dog-eared from so much reading is an understatement; they looked like a dog had chewed on them! I looooved those books.
I recently dropped back into Calvin's world and STILL laugh (or tear up) at the genius of Bill Watterson. In fact, there's a box set of comics winging their way toward me now.
For a quick reminder of the fun, check out this site's rundown of some of the best from over the years.

How's Your Music Ear?


In my continuing effort to comprehend how difficult music is, I tried this keyboard note test from BONG... is that note a B, an A or a D?
I spelled BAD because those were my results. (My Juilliard chances remain elusive.) Yegads, perhaps I need fewer things that make my brain hurt? Pfft. NEVER!

Corrections and Reader Input


New section! Here's where I'll add brilliant reader feedback or corrections as I see fit. (Clearly this is a blog dictatorship.)
In response to my USPS Click-N-Ship recommendation last week, Andreas in New Mexico let me know that Paypal's shipping tool has a few key advantages:

  • You can use money that you have in your Paypal balance
  • The interface allows for a faster entry of information
  • It's actually less expensive than going through the USPS website. (D's note: I used it this week and concur!)
  • You can use it to ship UPS as well and is cheaper than
  • You can choose non-priority (slower) options
BOOM. Thanks for the info, Andreas!

Did I mess something up or you have an insight to share? Please let me know.

That's it for this edition. To everyone emailing a hello or sending me thoughtful email responses and links to your favorite finds, please keep them coming!
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