Wassup people! I'm gearing up for a mtb road trip to B.C. and can't wait to take the van out for some summer fun.

Meanwhile, scope my post about adventures in Madeira if you missed it!

This week's fun and games:

My (continuing) experiment with digital minimalism, ditching single-use bottles and cans, and a video Instagram probably doesn't like.




Jumping Into Digital Minimalism

We all feel the pull to look at devices. They live in our pockets, tug at our thoughts.

Our trip to Europe was an exercise in ditching those distractions and I loved it so much that I continued it when we got home. Why? 

Because minimalists don’t mind missing out on small things; what worries them much more is diminishing the large things they already know for sure make a good life good. (Cal Newport)

If that quote speaks to you, check out my blog post about my digital minimalism experiment!

Another shot from Madeira because, well, it's stunning!

Ditch the Plastic Bottles and Cans

I love me some fizzy water, but haaaate the waste that comes from the single-use cans. Recycling still wastes a ton of resources and plastic bottles are a scourge on this planet.

THE SOLUTION: buy a Sodastream! I dig ours so much that I take it on van trips. Fizzy water and fresh lime after a long bike ride? Yes please.

The gas canisters are reusable and you'll pay for the Sodastream in no time flat with savings on. You don't need all the flavorings or mixes that they offer either. My favorite to sip on: fizzy water, lime and some crushed fresh berries. No waste, delicious, and easy. #winning

You can buy a Sodastream new, but even better is to find one used on Craigslist or Ebay

A Reminder that Instagram Isn't All Good

This short video once again drove home the fact that social media is not a positive experience for a lot of people. I'd wager it will give anyone with kids some things to think about.

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Ciao for now from the top of La Gomera, a tiny speck in the Canary Islands.
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