Howwwwdy from the Canary Islands! Our trip pivot is going oh-so-well and I'm excited to share more soon.

Up high hiking on Gran Canaria in Tamadaba park! We're doing ok sans bikes, don't worry.

In case you missed them, I've got two blog posts up about our trip:
1. First Impressions - Ten Days Bike Touring in Spain
2. Hitting Our Bike Touring Stride in Spain and Portugal 

This week's fun and games:

Why bother traveling by Alastair Humphreys, my Salsa Fargo set up for our trip, and video about upstairs neighbors that you may relate to.




Why Bother Traveling?

I love this Instagram post about travel by the ever-adventuring Alastair Humphreys. His work is fantastic AND he has the most British name ever.

My favorite section:

"A liberating side effect of spending years when everyone I met thought I was a bit weird and different was realizing that there is no such thing as “normal”.

The appeals of travel – markets, street life, meeting people – is all about seeing different version of “normal”. Pedal far enough from your front door and you will discover that your definition of normal life and normal priorities are very different to most people’s.

There is no normal. There is no perfect lifestyle. There is only a perfect way of life for you. The important thing is to work out what that is and then pursue it with relentless passion."

My Salsa Fargo Touring Setup, Version 2

I’ve ridden my Salsa Fargo 10,000+ miles over hundreds of hours across the U.S. and Europe. I STILL love it. To make it even better for our April/May bike tour in Spain and Portugal, I added a few hacks from the bikepacking world.

Since 3,000 people per month still read my original post about my Salso Fargo, I figured a quick update will help some folks out. My aim was to make it helpful for anyone adapting bikepacking ideas to a road touring setup. If you don't care about gear (and don't want to see pretty pictures), skip it. :) Read the full post here

Video: We've All Had These Upstairs Neighbors

After a long day in the saddle (and some hike-a-bike on soft roads through olive groves) from Loja to Campillos, all we wanted was to crash and sleeeeep. Our upstairs neighbors in our (cheap) hotel, on the other hand, felt like rearranging their furniture.

As they dragged sofas, tubas, and heavy metal objects around above us, Chelsea recalled this hilarious video about upstairs neighbors. The alarm clock reminder to dump ball bearings on the floor? Genius.

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