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Dakota here with a quick note about the new Traipsing About newsletter. I'm going to mix things up in 2019! (Please excuse any weird formatting in this inaugural newsletter.)

Sometimes I do, read, hear, or experience things that don't make it into a blog post, but I want to feature somehow. Moving forward, I'll share some combination of a blog post, a book or website that blew my mind (see Dollar Street below), or something I'm stoked about (see #GarageFit).

Thanks for reading my musings and traipsing about with us. I'm lucky to have such cool readers. 

Happy New Year!

Dakota and Chelsea

Looking ahead on Ring of Fire at Smith Rock! Photo: Nick Haycock

How to Make 2019 Awesome

Here's my approach to creating a fulfilling, balanced, and adventurous new year. It’s a simple process that anchors me happily in the present with a lens forward and an appreciation for the past.

No resolution talk here. Zero discussions about fitness or reading a book a month are below.

Here’s the general idea:

  1. Map out the upcoming calendar year and fill in the big trips and bucket list goals first. The stuff for 2019’s highlights reel! Let’s call them Boulders of Awesomeness
  2. Add a few smaller ideas - the Stones of Excellence. Still fun, just not as committing for time/money/planning.
  3. Keep some flexible, close-to-home options for trips and day-to-day aspirations to pursue. Call these final items the Sand of Daily Happiness.

Take a Walk Down Dollar Street!

I read a lot this year and the book Factfulness was a favorite. It completely rewired how I think about economic progress and income disparities across various countries. I no longer say "1st/3rd world countries" or even developed vs developing...and neither does Bill Gates, thanks to this book.

A compelling site the authors compiled is called Dollar Street. Take a walk down a visual "street" to see what various incomes buy in different countries! One toothbrush for a family at one level, Sonicare brushes for each person at another... A fabulous way to see another perspective.

#GarageFit: Getting Strong for Free, with Friends

I started hosting #GarageFit at my house in 2018 and they've been a hit with friends. It's as simple as it sounds: working out in a garage with your buddies.

Over the years, I've compiled a list of body weight exercises for strength and for biomechanics (i.e. keeping the body moving right). For these workouts, I combine 8-10 exercises and set up a 2-3 loop circuit to crush my friends. Errr, get/keep them in shape!

Benefits of GarageFit: 
1. Accountability
2. Camaraderie
3. No gym membership costs! Thumbs down to $200/mo for Crossfit.
4. Cold exposure, heh heh (my garage isn't heated)

Want to start one of your own? Get basic equipment like rings and get after it!

Here's a sample workout from before Christmas:

1 min for each exercise, 2-3 (or more!) times through the circuit.
-Single-leg squats
-Rows/pullups & core
-Jumping jacks/45 degree leg kicks with elastic tubing (10 reps each)
-Atomic pressups using TRX straps (I bring knees all the way to elbows) 
-Shoulder press
-Kettlebell swings or squats
-Jump rope
-Core (bicycle or side plank)

Here's to staying fit, mobile, and strong in 2019!

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