Howdy Traipser!

This week marked a year straight of studying Italian and (mostly) nightly drawing. I've never stayed so consistent with skill development and it's ever-so-satisfying.

Not only are the skills progressing, but via accountability for the activities, I've reconnected with dear friends this past year! Five people I was previously close with before real jobs/distance/family slowed down communication.

Now we ping each other daily with whatever language, music or art we're sharing. It's added more richness to my life beyond the activity we're sharing. Double win.

Takeaway: Accountability works and is good for friendships! If you're considering a hobby and want to get serious, find someone and commit to a 30-day challenge together.


Trascinando About, Edition 93 features:

-Turbocharging your foreign language learning

-My new favorite kitchen hack

-Five ways to improve your day


BTW, I'm still doing my nightly January portraits and will share the final swath next week. If you missed the previous posts, here's part 1 and part 2.

Drawing is fun, but I still love mountain biking! Is 55 deg for all of January the new normal? Gulp.

Boosting your foreign language learning

Last year I finally got serious about learning a language and set up a system for studying Italian. From zero, I learned 5,500 vocab words and advanced to B2 fluency (independent and spontaneous conversation).

A few friends have asked about my process, so I decided to write a tutorial to share. This how-to blog post on optimizing foreign language learning is for you if:

1. You’re serious about learning a foreign language.
2. You want an effective, efficient method with constant forward progress, NOT repeatedly forgetting what you learned.
3. You don’t want to spend money on expensive courses and their magic promises.

If you’re serious about learning a language effectively and efficiently, journey onward and read about my approach!

Ok, maybe one portrait. Progress, amiright?!
(Philip Glass, modern composer)

New fav kitchen hack


I hate peeling garlic. It's tedious and the small pieces are useless. But the pre-processed stuff in oil doesn't taste as good.

Then I realized something:  I can buy and freeze pre-peeled garlic. (I know, cooking rookie alert.)

Level up more: I shredded two pounds of peeled garlic in a food processor, spread the results out on a baking sheet, scored them with a butter knife and froze them in a big block of ready-to-use pieces. Then I just double-bagged the sheet in freezer bags.

My new cooking routine is simply to snap off a couple blocks of garlic and VOILA, done. Take that, garlic.

For the record, the same thing works with ginger!

Five ways to make your day better


Do one of the actions below and improve your day. Do all five and you're winning for sure.

1. Do one impactful thing you can complete today.
2. Do one thing you regret not doing yesterday.
3. Do one thing to pleasantly surprise someone.
4. Do one thing you've avoided.
5. Do one selfish thing.

I'm shocked that "play hooky and go mountain biking" wasn't on the list, but I'm sure the author just forgot. Oh wait, that probably fits under #5...


Full writeup here on For the Interested. Still one of my favorite newsletters!

For a T. Rex, it's more like a chin hat.

Grazie for gazing at the 93nd edition of Traipsing About.

This week's unsolicited advice: find an accountability partner for an activity you've been wanting to pursue consistently.

P.S. Tears of laughter in my eyes watching this moment any skier can appreciate.

I spotted this rad dude in Tulum in 2014 during a Spanish language immersion, not that I remember any of what I learned...

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