Dear Campus Community,

The college has committed to antiracism and is pursuing initiatives to support that effort. Yet it’s important to acknowledge the intensity of the past two blocks — especially the discomfort many on our campus have been experiencing since the initial report and recommendations of the Antiracism External Review of Colorado College was released. 
There were many different responses to the report across our community: some did not feel heard or included, which was disappointing, hurtful, and angering; some found the report validating;some are feeling overwhelmed about the path forward for CC, while others are uncertain about how to go about their personal anti-racism work. For some it might seem that this work is too slow and for others too fast; too basic for some and too far-reaching for others.  
This is an evolving process, and we live in the messy space where everyone has a place and an important role to play. It is hard to sit productively with discomfort, and yet it is a gift we can offer ourselves and each other. Discomfort can be our teacher, giving us the opportunity individually and collectively to engage in a growth process. 
We encourage the campus community to take care of ourselves and find ways to support each other in this process. This is a journey that is asking us to engage many dimensions of who we are, including our mind, emotions, and hearts to become a more just and equitable community for those who are confronted with the experience of racism at CC. Here are just a few examples of questions you might find helpful to reflect on:
  • As the college continues to engage in anti-racism work, how might I be attentive to the emotions that come up for me when I experience discomfort, in ways that are healthy and productive for me?  
  • What sort of support would enable me to participate in this process most fully?
  • How might I be supportive of others and/or hold space for others when they are experiencing discomfort?
Spring Break is a time of renewal. If you would like support or additional resources related to what you have been experiencing in response to the Antiracism External Review, please know that the staff of the Chaplains’ Office, Wellness Resource Center, and Butler Center are available.  
We value the importance of relationships and know that sometimes when we feel discomfort, we shy away from community. Thus, college hopes to intentionally create more space for community through opportunities like an expanded Breaking Bread Program in the Dean of Students Office. This is an exciting opportunity for all of us. More information will be forthcoming in early Block 7.
As we individually and collectively engage in antiracism work, may we find ways to embrace our discomfort, knowing that doing so paves the way towards greater justice, equity, liberation, and transformation.
With gratitude for our community,

Kate Holbrook, Chaplain
Heather Horton, Director of the Wellness Resource Center
Paul Buckley, Assistant Vice President and Director of the Butler Center

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