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Friday, March 19, 2021

Dear Campus Community,

We write today to again send a message of support as we all feel shock, anger, and sadness after this week’s horrific murders in Atlanta. 
The killings of eight people, six of whom were women of Asian descent, are acts of racism and domestic terror that have caused great fear and pain. 
Colorado College opposes anti-Asian racism, not only because it is part of our mission to become an antiracist institution, but also because everyone should have the right to be safe from harm. We condemn anti-Asian hate crimes. As we stated in our March 2 email, we stand in support and solidarity with Asian, Asian-American, Desi, and Pacific Islander students, faculty, and staff. And we are angry at the violence and hatred in our world. These appalling incidents have no place in an antiracist, inclusive society.
We acknowledge that white supremacy and systematic racism are culprits in these attacks. We also acknowledge a tendency to promote a narrative of “individualization” when it comes to white assailants and as group pathology when assailants are Black or brown. These injustices should not go unidentified. 
There is a long history of anti-Asian discrimination in the United States and some of our most shameful moments as a country are linked to the intersections of xenophobia, racism, and classism. Violence toward the AADPI community during the COVID-19 pandemic is the latest iteration. 
Anti-Asian racism has been prominent for decades, yet often goes under-reported and unacknowledged. Please educate yourself on Asian, Asian-American, Desi, and Pacific Islander identity. 
While this statement is a message of solidarity and support for AADPI members of our community, it is important that we also do more than issue this message; that together, we also take action. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion team provided the extensive list below of ways you can go beyond words as an ally to those who are hurting now and who are shouldering racism every day. The Butler Center also has shared resources that may be helpful in understanding the origins of anti-Asian racism and how you can work to dismantle it. 
If you need support today or any day to process these atrocities, please reach out to these resources, which are here for you:
Counseling Center, (719) 389-6093 or
The Butler Center,
The diversity, equity, and inclusion team,
Chaplain’s Office,
International Student and Scholar Services; or 
Wellness Resource Center, 
Employees may seek counseling through the Employee Assistance Program.
Please continue to take care of yourselves and one another.

Mike Edmonds

Acting Co-President

Robert G. Moore

Acting Co-President

Ways to Show Active Support: Listen, Learn, Give

  • Check in on people who identify as AADPI. Take time to pause and make space, especially in the classroom, to acknowledge the hurt students may be experiencing. Help them seek support if needed (refer people to trusted staff in the Counseling Center, Butler Center, Chaplain’s Office, and International Student and Scholar Services if needed). 
  • Faculty, make your course more inclusive and representative by including at least one course assignment that is relevant to the AADPI experience, history, cultural and/or well-being. Contact DEI leadership team for more guidance.
  • Educate yourself on the history of discrimination towards AADPI people and its intersections with race, class, gender, and xenophobia. 
    • Watch the PBS five-part series entitled, “Asian Americans.” This documentary describes the history of identity, contributions, and challenges experienced by Asian Americans. 
  • Give directly to Atlanta-based organizations who need your help as well as local organizations who serve AADPI populations

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