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The Power of Identity
The way we behave generates from who we think we are.

I recently heard a story about a young Teach For America volunteer who was assigned to a classroom of first graders, many who were already behind in typical first grade level skills.  Early on she gave these children a sense of identity, and daily referred to them as "scholars".  She promised that they would be behaving like 3rd graders by the end of the year. And- long story short- they were, both academically and behaviorally. This teacher believes that their success was largely due to who they had become under this collective identity as "scholars". 

The power of identity is astounding.  For instance, strong allegiance to sports teams result in behavior that belongs only to the fans.  Where else might you see shirtless young men on cold winter days, with red or green or blue paint slathered all over their bodies? 

Remember what it meant to be a "flower child?" It was much more than a fashion statement, as PEACE signs and "free love" veiled the 60's.

And every four years we must decide if we identify with the "Red" side or the "Blue" side, when in truth, most of us are somewhat "purple".  The labels we wear can actually change our behavior. 

I have been drawing professionally for over 30 years, but it was only in the last 10 that I dared to call myself an artist.  Why is that?  Perhaps it seemed presumptuous to classify myself in a category in which I have no formal training. I didn't feel like I had earned the title.

Within both our online community and in the studio, we are a mixed bag of hobbyists, retired art teachers, brand new students and professionals of the medium.  But one thing we ALL artists.


In the attitude of your mind, think of yourself as an artist. Try it on for size and then own it.  It will reshape how you approach your work, encourage you to take chances, and give you confidence to move forward in your creativity.  

Every time you sit down at your drawing table, remind yourself who you are, and then just see what happens.  You are a communicator of expression, a craftsman of your medium, a story-teller of experience.  YOU... are an artist.  


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