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I Didn’t Make This Up
Most great ideas are not original, but an accumulation of what we have learned from other artists’ experimentation.  What makes art uniquely ours is when we take this accumulation of ideas and
“remix” them with our own technique. 
Picasso is famously quoted as saying “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”  Because colored pencils work so easily with a wide variety of other mediums and substrates, our creative possibilities are endless!
I won’t live long enough to incorporate all the combinations I want to try.  As I study the work of other innovative artists (pencil or otherwise), my mind is continually imagining how I could incorporate the parts I like the best into my own work.  
This is one reason why many
Beech Tree Studio artists continue their classes for years, I'm convinced.  We are constantly learning from each other, and being inspired by our fellow artists' creativity.  As we “take a pinch of this and add a drop of that” to our work, we begin to develop our own unique style. 
We artists are collectors of ideas, so take what you like and transform it into your own.

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