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3C Environmental Technology
  14th June
Extended Software Control - Latest News

CoolLED is extending its integration into major software platforms.  This month’s focus is Andor's - Andor iQ

CoolLED’s pE-4000 and pE-300white illumination systems have been successfully integrated into Andor iQ. 

Andor iQ is designed from years of experience and understanding of the demands that capturing highly dynamic cellular processes impose. iQ integrates a range of additional hardware for multi-parameter and multi-modal imaging, including devices such as confocal scanners, light sources including our own laser combiner, filter wheels and x,y, & z motorized stage control. Automation of this hardware with image capture is tightly controlled for optimum capture rates, and to minimise unnecessary light exposure for prolonged live cell imaging. Users can now benefit from integrated control of CoolLED’s solid-state LED illumination for wavelength selection, fast-switching and intensity control within the microscope management package. 

With sixteen selectable LED wavelengths to choose from, the pE-4000 offers the user excitation matched to the microscope’s excitation filter sets.  The pE-300white offers intense broad spectrum illumination.  Both systems are available with a choice of microscope adaptors to fit all current microscopes.  Details on applicable Andor iQ release levels for compatibility are available on the CoolLED website.  In addition, a number of Andor iQ menu screenshots can be seen showing the extensive integration and control which is now available for CoolLED systems.    
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