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3C Environmental Technology
  3rd May
Maximum flexibility, minimum investment
Questions, questions, questions…
  1. Are you a Core Imaging Facility?
  2. Do you need to support multiple users with multiple applications?
  3. Are you looking to future proof your investments?

If so, why not consider trying a pE-4000 which was designed with you in mind, free of charge for one month – no obligation.

Don't just take our word for how good it is, read one of our many customer reviews below...

"Throwing out the old mercury lamp and exchanging it for the pE-4000 on one of our live cell wide field microscopes has been an astounding success! Suddenly, we were able to offer users uninterrupted extended live cell experiments of 100+ hours, without worrying about brightness fluctuations, lamps burning, room heating, etc. Also, users have reported markedly reduced bleaching and phototoxicity in their samples, both from the prokaryotic and the eukaryotic research fields. As a facility manager I am also pleased with the instruments ease of use, and shallow learning curve for new users. Taken together with reduced overall microscope maintenance, the pE-4000 has already saved me a substantial amount of time in my daily work life, and improved the quality of our services at the same time." 

Dr. Jens Eriksson, Manager, Superresolution Microscopy Core Facility, Dep. Clinical Biochemistry, Oslo University Hospital.

The CoolLED pE-4000 was designed with microscopy core facilities in mind. It takes a unique approach to giving you and your user’s maximum flexibility now and in the future.

Flexibility in fluorophore coverage:
16 selectable wavelengths means no compromises in spectral coverage when switching to LED illumination - DAPI/FITC/TRITC/Cy5/CFP/YFP/GFP/RFP/Cy7 and many are more covered.   You have access to the right combination of wavelengths whether working with existing, new, single or multi band filter sets.

Flexibility in control:
The pE-4000 is fully integrated into many imaging software packages for ease of automation and use every day.  When you want to go even faster than TTL & genuine analogue control is available – all presented via simple BNC connections. A Control Pod that has a simple mode for every day users and an advanced mode for facility managers to create user specific pre-sets and access extra features, means less questions and more microscopy.

More than just a Light Source:  
Precise shuttering in sync with your system gives ease of use and helps you to to protect your samples.  Optional excitation filter holders can be easily slotted in and out; giving you the functionality of a filter wheel, without vibration or any of the other pitfalls of a moving part, and super-fast.  0-100% control of each wavelength you are using gives precisely controlled imaging whether you want to go fast, protect your samples or both.
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