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Award Winners - One and All!

The awards ceremony at Kingfisher on May 29th was enjoyable.  The kids were all recognized for their talents and for their academics and the patriotic theme turned out to be really rousing. Several parents told me they would be humming “You’re a Grand Old Flag” for the rest of the weekend. It was great to have certificates to honor participation in all the extra-curriculars as well—Spanish, Tennis, Music, and Drama. 

Before we left, we had a little MTV session with a song and dance from Brianna and Faith and an original song from the Jetts (formerly known as Chris, Lucas, and Kane).   After the entertainment and the awards, we shared drinks and pizza and folks went home to begin their summer-time fun.  This is a sweet ceremony, honoring the work the kids and parents have put in.  We hope it really gave the flavor of what the year was like.

Earthchild Camp 2015

This year, our little camp will include all the favorites: swimming, movies, free play, and food. Our camp is for the little guys and is very loosely structured to allow time for building forts on rainy days and making muffins for snack. 

We will be planting a very small garden plot and everyone will do some kind of artwork a couple times a week.  We want it to be a peadceful time for kids—kind of a chance to just be themselves without any pressure. Our plan includes some cheap “kid movies” at Carmike in Snellville. Our swimming will be at Milam Park because it’s a large shallow pool with wonderful fountains, so there are many ways to get wet and practice “doggy paddling”.  Summers are short and fleeting, but we plan to squeeze as much out of this summer, as possible!

School Supplies for the Coming Year


Of course school supplies are on sale at most places to clear their shelves. Remember, your child will need pencils and notebook paper or writing paper and that everyone will need one ream of copy paper. Don’t bother with crayons, Kingfisher has enough crayons to color the world, but we can never have enough erasers, so if you spot any on sale, buy. Don’t get the crazy shapes or funny ones, just the good old pink erasers from your childhood. If your child likes a zipper binder to stay organized, make certain that it will fit in his/her book bag, often they do not fit and that means more to carry at pick up time. 

Miss Gina has Deployed

Gina Umoja, our office assistant and all-round helper in the afternoon, has deployed in the service of FEMA to help with logistics in Kentucky and other parts of the Midwest that were struck by terrible storms and damage over the past four weeks. She enjoys the travel, but says it can get tiring doing some things repeatedly.  She’ll be back with us in August, I hope. We’ll certainly miss her calm presence and cheerful attitude. 

Summer Spanish Classes!


Each year we try to collaborate with new and different artists and teachers out there that can offer some new ideas and new skills to us. This year, we have been working with Jeannette Fretwell, our new Spanish teacher, and we’ve been impressed with her dedication, her attention to detail, and her ability to “go with the flow” with a class of bright but unfocused elementary kids. Recently, Emerson has been using Spanish everyday conversations and it’s fun to hear it! 

Ms. Fretwell is trying to put together a Spanish class for the summer and has put up a banner to advertise for it. If you think your child might love a 45-minute Spanish class once a week with a lively teacher, please let her know of your interest. She’ll be using one of our rooms for this, so you will know where to come for class. 770-823-1632 is Ms. Fretwell’s phone number. 

Notes from Nature

We are seeing so many interesting birds this year and I’ve rarely ever seen the kind of feeder frenzy that we’re seeing here at school in Tucker.  We’re seeing mockingbirds and blue jays guarding the feeders. We have seen goldfinches, red house finches, chickadees, catbirds, titmice, white-bellied nuthatches, brown-headed nuthatches, Carolina wrens, downy woodpeckers and hairy woodpeckers. We’ve also seen incredibly red and beautiful cardinals.  I think we’re getting more diversity this year because we are using several different kinds of seed instead of just the expensive sunflower seed. Because much of our sunflower seed comes from Russia and they’ve raised the price, sunflower seed has actually almost doubled in cost during the past 18 months. 


We are also seeing more turtles than ever before at both of our lakes—Cofer has such a large number that we have even found some very small baby turtles swimming up close to the shore and at Henderson, there are very large snapping turtles sunning themselves and looking about 8 to 10 pounds in size. The bus kids found a big turtle in Hannah’s yard at drop off one day and Emerson found a dinner plate sized box turtle on the playground at Cofer. This must be a turtle year.


If is definitely a bug year—so much rain has given the bugs a serious change to expand their territories, so test drive a few insect repellants to find one you like and use it if you go out onto grass or onto a field to watch baseball.  I’m experimenting with a body lotion that has eucalyptus oil in it—feels better than OFF but I’m not sure it’s as effective. 

Kingfisher walking in Tucker Day Parade

Deposits on Next Year Due Now

To get ready for the fall, we always ask parents to put down some money in the spring to hold their spot and to allow us to purchase textbooks and supplies for the fall opening. Some families are waiting for their last payment to go through in June, but we still need those deposits. Bring it by the school and you can post-date checks, but we need to know what we have to work with, in terms of setting salaries, purchasing, etc.  We also have a few past-due afterschool bills to collect. If you didn’t pay for May, please get that into us.  Thank you to everyone for a super school year. 

Summer School Work?  Oh No!

Over the summer, many kids like to lay back and coast—so do many grown ups. Sadly, some skills need practice and over the summer, kids can forget much of the work that happened in the spring at school.

Most definitely, every student should do a bit of math a couple times a week. If your child is 5 or 6, practicing adding and subtracting with pennies or legos is a great idea to keep in shape. Make certain your child knows what each of the coins are worth. Sometimes offer a simple word problem (“We have four people eating dinner, but only two plates on the table. How many more do we need?”)  If your child is 7 or 8 and working on multiplication and division, then practice those facts a couple times a week for ten or fifteen minutes. Again, word problems are important, so talk about that when you are at the store. (“ I have $5 in my wallet. Will that be enough for these three items?”) 8, 9,10’s can practice re-grouping with practice problems for 10 minutes a couple times a week. Re-grouping is what we used to call borrowing and carrying and the process can be any way your child will understand the system. Schools teach all different ways to learn this, but basically, the student must know about place value (ones, tens, hundreds, etc.) before re-grouping will make sense. 


Reading is easier to practice—get a library card and use it. Your child should read at least 15 minutes a day and that’s real reading—not listening to TV or to a story. Try to be sure that your child picks books that are a little challenging, but still fun. Sometimes kids will pick books that are excessively hard and then they get discouraged. A little challenge is good, but not so much that you end up reading the book to them.  Read the comics from the paper together.  Read!


Kingfisher Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, or gender. We do not discriminate in our scholarship practices, our enrichment programs, our hiring practices, or our enrollment procedures. 


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