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As we head down the home stretch towards summer we are moving into the time of year that we really enjoy at Kingfisher ~ field day is coming up along with several fun field trips this month, and of course the end of year awards ceremony the last day of school.

We are touring the school with new families several times a week, as the word is getting out to potential students. As always, “word of mouth” is our best tool to tell folks about us. Let Debbie know if you talk to anyone that is looking. Remember that you earn $25 off registration if someone you refer enrolls. Alicia Hughes has earned $25 off her summer camp enrollment by referring a family.


FIELD DAY is on Friday, May 8th and we’ll be at Henderson Park again. We will need all the parent help we can get. So please plan to spend your lunch time with us if you can! Teams of 4 or 5 kids with a mix of ages are eating lunch together the whole week before the event to foster team unity. We have good monkey bars to use at Henderson and we’ll have the usual jump-roping, bean bag tossing, etc. The highlight of the day for the oldest kids is the field day race where we determine who is the fastest boy and the fastest girl. We plan to have a potluck after the competitions. Kingfisher will provide buckets of chicken and families can send things to go with that ~ chips, drinks, ice, fruit, veggie trays, etc. Field Day will start at 11:00 and go till around 1:30.

  • ZOO FIELD TRIP for the Tiger Salamanders and the Red-Eyed Tree Frogs will be on Wednesday morning May 6th. There are a number of kids with memberships and Debbie will set up a membership, so we may be able to do the trip at a reduced cost. The kids will leave around 8:45 and carry a sack lunch to eat on the way back. We’ll do the same trip for the Turtles on Monday the 11th. There is a brand new reptile house at the zoo that we are excited to see!
  • Elementary students will ride the STREETCAR on May 13th in the morning. The cost is free and it should be an interesting addition to all the other kinds of transportation we have tried.
  • OUTDOOR EXPLORATION - Older kids are doing a lot of lake exploration this spring—we are talking about the bio-me and about the kind of habitat the lake provides. We’ve been lucky enough to see a Great Blue Heron, Baby Goslings (6), a spotted turtle, dozens of fish, at least 20 red sliders and snapping turtles, and quite a few mallards. Twice we have seen a kingfisher flying back and forth chattering away. We’ve seen a water snake and a crow-hawk war. Cofer Park is such a wonderful resource!  Some kids are coming home a little muddy sometimes—if your child’s shoes are expensive, send old shoes that can get wet.
  • TENNIS MATCH - We are trying to set up a tennis match for the tennis team against Jolly Elementary on May 13th or 14th. This will be afterschool and the kids can go on the bus. We’ll get more details to send out.
  • MUSIC CLASS for our youngest set, the Red-Eyed Tree Frogs, is really turning out to be good for the kids ~ they are learning some songs, they are learning how to behave with another adult, they are learning rhythm rules, and Miss Melanie is teaching them simple music concepts (loud/soft, staccato/legato, fast/slow).  They meet on Tuesdays and the cost is $3 a week or $12/month.
  • SPANISH has been an excellent resource this year. Ms. Fretwell with the older kids and the children’s librarian at Reid-Cofer library for the younger class have been wonderful in exposing our children to the language and the different cultures. The way to become fluent is to practice, though, and Ms. Fretwell is offering a class to the Tucker Area which will take place at Kingfisher this summer. Everyone has received a flyer and Debbie will be distributing them around the village as well.
  • DRAMA - This past weekend the drama kids did a singing/dancing performance at the Marcus Center Auditorium. They have worked hard to learn the dance steps and songs and Patrick, the drama coach, has really devoted time to getting everything just right. Learning the discipline involved in being in a drama production has been eye-opening for the kids. It isn’t as easy as it looks on t.v. There are summer camps with openings from Forefront Arts available on their website.

Tricks to Help Us Calm Down . . .

The Turtles had a discussion when writing in their journals about tricks that they have found that help them calm down. Here’s their list:

  1. Drink a glass of water
  2. Raise and lower your shoulders
  3. Breathe deeply in and out
  4. Count to 10
  5. Wash your face
  6. Think of a phrase to help you feel better, like “It’s gonna be all right”
  7. Hum a song that makes you feel  good
  8. Read a book
  9. Eat something with protein in it—maybe nuts?
  10. Go to the bathroom
  11. Write it out/Draw about it

What Does Awards Day Look Like?

Every year, we hold an end-of-year rewards party that includes some singing and poetry, awards for everyone, potluck desserts, dressing up, lots of photo opportunities, and some sentimental stuff. This must be experienced to understand it. We really love working with each and every child and we search to find ways to bring out the gifts and talents that are even hidden from the children themselves. No one goes home from the reward ceremony without an award and a sense of their importance to Kingfisher. This year, we start at 10:30 a.m. on May 29th and we’ll hold the ceremony here at school. There will be chairs set up for parents and grandparents and we generally do it outside, but can move in if there is rain. Usually the program is over by 12:30 AND THEN THE SCHOOL DAY ENDS. Most of you are coming back next year and many of you will be in summer camp on June 1st, so this is not a sad occasion, but a happy one. We get to show off our talents and you get to see the kids in their best light. Prepare to be dazzled!


Alicia Hughes and Rachael Nead worked tirelessly last week to cut the grass, sweep and blow the parking lot, wash the tot lot toys, put up crazy fun twirling flowers on the back porch, and cleaned up the back porch. It looks beautiful!

Kathryn Harris-Stephens donated $1000 to Kingfisher and she obtained a match from her work for us ~ another $1000 which went toward paying for Spanish and helped offer scholarships to two children.

Holly Neumann has worked all year with Miss Debbie to help realize the dream of having a thriving school in Tucker. She has created and designed logos and flyers, she has re-worked and re-vised the website, she has helped keep Facebook current and she has been a strong supporter of many of our projects.

Eric Neumann created and installed our sign and everyone has commented on how much better it looks.

The Spittler/Sellers family has donated more food to the food drive than anyone ~ including large bags of rice and several bags of groceries.

Miss Kate has worked double-time to make the front room pleasant and pretty and welcoming. Every day when the teachers first arrive, it greets us and invites us to be creative and to remember the fun of working at Kingfisher.

Henri Munyengango donated a giant piece of leather for the Native  American projects and it was so interesting to work with a real material, like the Sioux did.

Many of you shopped at Publix, bought through Amazon.Smile, linked your Kroger card to Kingfisher, brought paper to recycle and found ways to talk about us to your friends and neighbors. Many of you had Kingfisher signs in your yards and many of you have our magnets on your cars. We cannot tell you how we appreciate all of that effort.

In order to keep costs down and keep things moving consistently we really appreciate our families pitching in!!!!! So thank you for all you do!

Kingfisher Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, or gender. We do not discriminate in our scholarship practices, our enrichment programs, our hiring practices, or our enrollment procedures. 


Don't forget the easy ways to contribute to our school!
  1. Connect your Kroger card to us
  2. Show your Publix Partners in Eduction card when shopping there (pick up one at the school)
  3. Use our Kingfisher magnets on your car
  4. Dump your junk mail and used paper into the recycling bin the parking lot
  5. Many more ideas listed on our site!
  6. Also don't forget we give credits for referrals!
  7. Don't forget to LIKE us on FACEBOOK! Your pictures and comments welcome!
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