FEBRUARY 2015                                                                      Vol. 16 No. 2

Winter Month Plans

  • TOURING: We are touring the school with new families several times a week, as we move into enrollment for next year. Slowly, the word is getting out and slowly we are changing the way that the school markets. As always, “word of mouth” is our best tool to tell folks about us. Let me know if you talk to anyone that is looking. After the singing on Main Street, we enrolled two new children. Just seeing us makes people interested in finding out more. 
  • MUSIC: We are offering a music class for little ones this half of the year. It will be on Tuesdays at 2:30 through our Music Education collaborators. This gives them a chance to work with real professional music educators and they are really enjoying the fun. The cost to parents is $3 a week. 
  • CODING: The middle schoolers have begun doing some simple animation and coding on the computer—Kane will show you his exploding object anytime you want to see it! They are going to be more computer-savy than any of us.  Already Lucas is a professional computer booter-upper. 
  • LUNCH: Different middle school children are also “Captains of the Microwave” for a week each month—so if your child brings something that should be heated up once in a while, there is a Tiger Salamander waiting to do that for them. 
  • DECOR: Hopefully, you’ve noticed the decorations around the holidays at the front and back entrances. Thanks especially to Alicia Hughes and to her crew of Frog moms who helped. One of the families that came in to tour last week said she came because the crazy light bulb decorations really caught her eye. The seasonality of working in a school is really special to us, here at Kingfisher. 
  • SPANISH: Each year we try to collaborate with new and different artists and teachers out there that can offer some new ideas and new skills to us. This year, we have been working with Jeannette Fretwell, our new Spanish teacher, and we’ve been impressed with her dedication, her attention to detail, and her ability to “go with the flow” with a class of bright but unfocused elementary kids. Recently, Emerson has been using Spanish everyday conversations and it’s fun to hear it! 

The Flu, The Coughs, The Sneezing . . .

For the first time in several years, we’ve really been hit with the seasonal viruses this year—sometimes the circle time in the morning sounds like a pediatrician’s waiting room with the coughing and sniffing. We consulted with a pharmacist and he suggested:

  • Spray everything down with Lysol at the end of the day and let it dry overnight.
  • Everyone should drink tons of liquid to try to wash everyone out.  
  • Handwashing needs to happen about every two hours—with regular soap, but hands under the running water and rubbing for about 2 minutes.
  • Tissues need to be disposed of ASAP, rather than put back into pockets.
  • Everyone should add an hour on to their sleep schedule if they have the slightest idea that they might be catching it.
  • Consider staying home if your child is really a runny mess—it’s so contagious that it’s almost impossible to avoid if you shop, go to the movies, etc.
  • Another pharmacist suggested zinc, like in ColdEASE throat lozenges. Other than that, Musinex DM is good, but they are finding that some of the other medicines don’t affect these stronger symptoms this year. 
  • A parent here said her family is rarely sick and if so they are not for long. She attributes this to daily spoonfuls of high quality feremented cod liver oil with naturally occurring concentrated amounts of Vitamin D and A. You can find out more here: Cod Liver Oil Basics. She buys in bulk from and is happy to split an order with anyone interested.


Since we are such a small school, in order to get the most attendance and benefit from the PTO, we decided to meet about 3 times a year. The next meeting will be sometime this winter and again in late April most likely. 

We'd like to hear from you with suggestions on what kind of topics related to school and children you would like to hear about. We will explore your ideas and hope to have a short program with an outside speaker at each meeting. Please email subject: PTO Topics!



Don't forget the easy ways to contribute to our school!
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  3. Use our Kingfisher magnets on your car
  4. Dump your junk mail and used paper into the recycling bin the parking lot
  5. Many more ideas listed on our site!
  6. Also don't forget we give credits for referrals!
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