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We are deeply embedded in school and school projects.  Some kids are working on sustainability projects for our special science people from Georgia State.  Some are writing autobiographies.  The younger kids are doing some exploration of apples. A couple of the Owls are working on the division facts and the Falcons are reducing fractions.  It’s wonderful to see the work and the progress that is going on, all over the school.

Kingfisher is not an easy school—we challenge the kids to produce their best effort in class.  It’s hard to stay focused, to be part of a group, and yet, an individual at the same time.  One of the Hummingbirds told me one afternoon last week, “I just need to talk to myself for a minute.”  I understand that need; sometimes I stare out at the tree branches and think of nothing for a minute. It’s restful.  To help with the low-level anxiety and the restless spirits—Alexis Muir offered us a Friday afternoon respite time with Yoga and quiet stretching. One of the kids told me, “We should have this every day!”  So, our community circle time at 8:45 each morning often ends now with a kind of mindfulness exercise—stretching or closing our eyes and seeing the day stretched out before us, like a ribbon unspooling . . . It just feels right.



  • a small cheap working cd player
  • coffee cans—preferably metal ones with the plastic lids
  • used printer ink cartridges
  • old white sheets to tie-dye
  • more broken appliances
  • good used vacuum cleaner (if you see one on your neighborhood list-serve that we could purchase?)
  • plastic mixing bowls (used ones)
  • fish gravel, pumps, air filters (used ones are fine—Mr. Q’s group needs them)
  • milk cartons; gallon milk jugs; empty yogurt cups; liter soda bottles; shoe boxes; aluminum pie plates; Styrofoam trays.


Meeting on TUESDAY October 11th at 6:00 p.m. to talk about Homework — parents bring your ideas and thoughts on this.  We’ll also talk about Bike Day and Halloween. There will be no childcare offered this time, but if it appears that people would like that, we can work it out for the next meeting.


When the Owl class begins to write, all kinds of things come up. Miss Brigit asked them what they want to be when they grow up. She asked them about their dreams. They talk about the neighborhood and what their small community is like. It is fascinating to read what they write.  Check out the bulletin boards outside their classroom. These children are thinking, communicating, and advancing their ideas every minute of the day!  Sometimes they are dreaming of days at home with lots of delicious food (often containing chocolate). Sometimes their draw pictures of their houses that defy explanation, but then they go on to explain them! 

Miss B. believes that writing is the foundation of thinking clearly and her class is full of ideas. Stop by and read the papers out in the hallway. They are working on parts of speech and on sentence structure and even in the few weeks we’ve been in session, we see big improvements.  We are lucky to have these Kingfisher students. They are so interesting to be around.


October 14th is our much anticipated Bicycle Day!  Everyone can bring bikes, trikes and helmets and we spend a couple of hours just riding . . . We talk a little about bike safety.  We eat hot dogs and corn chips and dip and have popsicles.

This day is a huge celebration of our bikes and our muscles.  Luckily, it will be cooler this year, so we can enjoy the whole experience. The day starts at 10:30 and runs till we get tired of it all—usually around 2:00 or so.  For more info, look under announcements on our site.

Crazy Halloween
at Las Colinas

We love celebrations and holidays at Kingfisher Academy and Halloween is one of our favorites.  Everyone dresses up and we parade down Main Street to Las Colinas for a maravilloso lunch. 

Parents are invited to come but you must wear a silly hat! 

This year we are suspending the classroom parties, but we will have sweets during the luncheon and the day will be wonderful.

On Halloween, we do not have afterschool and children can go home either right after lunch or at the usual school end time of 3:30. The bus will still run at the usual time.



As always, Kingfisher kids go on many forays into the outside world. Already, we’ve visited two gardens and discovered some incredible caterpillars and chrysalis along with some very interesting Cannas that are spitting out seeds at us. The Hummingbirds have gone to Kroger to help pick out the lunch foods for TV Dinner Day and the Owls spent time drawing 3 extremely different types of flowers growing right on Main Street. The Falcons went further away to the Atlanta Beltline to take a look at all the new art installations and all the murals that grace that new feature of our metropolitan area. We take pictures of these trips and sometimes we post them on facebook, but always, the kids come back and do some sort of written or drawn reflection of what we did. It was pretty humorous to look at the drawings that the Hummingbirds did of the grocery trip—one of them drew a lot of ice cream in a freezer with an X on it—“we didn’t buy any of that” she declared.

The next two trips happen on Wednesdays—both the 12 and the 19th. Both trips are to the Dunwoody Nature Center and both trips require a clipboard signature from parents and some money. The 12th is a trip about plants for the Hunting Owls and the Hummingbirds. They will look at plant parts and do some simple science with the Dunwoody instructor. The one on the 19th is for the Wise Owls and the Falcons and will be about water—how it moves and about the water cycle. Both trips are after lunch.

Then the Hummingbirds will be walking down to see the Children’s Garden behind the Nature Store in Tucker one morning in the next few days. They love to walk anywhere in the Tucker Village, because they love the fun of seeing people going about their business.

We are thinking about a movie trip for just the Falcons, maybe like the old movie club, but we are waiting for just the right movie.   There are so many places to go and there’s so little time!


In September, menus were posted at the end  of the door letter each week, but sometimes people still asked, “What’s for lunch?” so in October, I’ll post the whole month’s menus on a calendar located on the bulletin board in the lobby, so parents can plan. 

One reminder, don’t send items from home that need to be heated up on Fridays as the microwave is in use that day.

This week we’ll be grilling hotdogs out for bike day and have apples and honey along to celebrate Rosh Hashanah.  There are so many fun events in October!
For More Information about Kingfisher Academy, check out our website at or email us at We love to tour people by appointment on Wednesdays. Our phone number is 678-615-2313

Call us and tell us about your child and about your current school and maybe we can make a difference for your family. Our mission is to work with bright kids who are not being challenged enough in their current school and we often work with children who are in different grade levels in different subjects. Sometimes advanced students may be great at math, but not great readers or great at history and reading but not interested in math. This is normal for all of us—we love what we love and we have to really work at the things we don’t love. Learning to motivate ourselves is one of the tasks of a bright student—it’s hard to be always thought of as the super student and then to run into a subject where the student is “just average”. These are the students we work with most successfully.

We do rolling enrollment throughout the fall and in January. Because we pro-rate, it may be possible that our low tuition rate will work with your budget. NO one has to pay for the full year if their child is starting later in the school year with us. Our tuition becomes even more affordable when factoring in our added values of free early dropoff and very affordable afterschool rates plus bus service within our immediate area.

We do not do fundraising events as we believe parents are paying tuition and that should be enough, along with field trip fees and paying for Friday lunches. Some schools run expensive fundraisers every quarter, but we depend on grantwriting to make up the difference in buying school equipment.


Don't forget the easy ways to contribute to our school!
  1. Connect your Kroger card to us. We get $ for our art program that way. PLEASE RECONNECT IT EVERY YEAR IN AUG.
  2. Remember to use and we'll get a percentage of the purchase!
  3. Show your Publix Partners in Eduction card when shopping there (pick up one at the school).
  4. Use our Kingfisher magnets on your car.
  5. Dump your junk mail and used paper into the recycling bin the parking lot
  6. Many more ideas listed on our site!
  7. Don't forget to LIKE us on FACEBOOK! Your pictures and comments welcome!
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