Flathead Lake Has No Tongue
This is why...
Voices of our Volunteers - Janelle Kuechle
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Flathead Lake Has No Tongue
 "I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.”
― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Our Flathead Lake has no tongue, no voice to advocate for its clean waters, its pristine beauty.  Flathead Lake depends on people who care to fight its battles and protect its future.   A small group of citizens who cared about the lake and its future formed the Flathead Lakers in 1958.  Today, that small group has grown into a strong community of 1,500, and each person in this community gives the Lakers strength to advocate on behalf of Flathead Lake.  With each member, we are stronger. 
A strong organization is critical when the Flathead Lakers speak with public officials, write letters to our representatives, and work with our partners to protect the lake.  The biggest threats to Flathead Lake will not be solved by the Flathead Lakers alone, but we are an integral part of that process.  For example, the North Fork ban on mining in British Columbia and Montana was a victory long in the making. It took the forces of many – including the Flathead Lakers and bi-partisan efforts from our federal and state representatives to reach this historic conservation achievement. 
The threats facing Flathead Lake today are just as serious.  The trains transporting crude oil along the Middle Fork pose a risk to the lake and clean water that is difficult to comprehend.  The introduction of new aquatic invasive species could change the ecological balance of the lake in drastic and irreversible ways.  The quiet and unseen contamination from failing septic systems around the lake and watershed slowly fouls our waters. 
The Flathead Lakers are poised to increase our efforts to address these threats through our advocacy work. To be effective, we must work together, build momentum for solutions, and be persistent for as long as it takes. 
There are many ways you can get involved and help us advocate for Flathead Lake - 
  • Continue to be a supporting member of the Flathead Lakers.
  • Get your neighbors to join; we have a stronger voice with more members.
  • Write your representatives to voice your concerns and support solutions when we inform you about opportunities.
  • Join a Flathead Lakers volunteer advocacy group. We are creating volunteer groups to lead the fight against these threats to Flathead Lake.  You can volunteer as much time as you wish.  You do not need to be here in the Flathead Valley to be part of a volunteer group. You can choose to work on the issue that is important to you.  Contact Hilary Devlin at 883-1341 or to volunteer.
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It's not."
– Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

This is why...
My grandmother was in love with Montana.  Thirty years ago, on a trip to the Flathead Valley and Swan Lake area, she discovered and bought a Morley tandem kayak that she brought back to northern Wisconsin.  She was 60 then and would fling the kayak up on her car and explore the many beautiful lakes and rivers in northern Wisconsin and Montana for many years. 
I grew up in that kayak, learning my birds with her, getting tips on my fly casting, and enjoying those very quiet moments on the water with her, observing the movements of the lake and its creatures.  
I have inherited the kayak and fate has brought me to Flathead Valley.  My grandmother now fights Alzheimer's, but on her good days she still remembers her time in her kayak on the water.  I feel her with me when I'm in her kayak.  She is quite a woman.  She is why I grew to love the natural world and feel peace on the water.  She is why I fight to keep the lakes that I am fortunate enough to live near clean and healthy.  She is why I am proud to be a Flathead Lakers member and its Education and Outreach Coordinator.  I hope to inspire not only my three sons, but the Flathead Lake community, to respect, love, and protect our precious land and waters, just as she inspired, and still inspires, me. 

Janelle volunteers in many ways: Poker Paddle, figurine painting for Watershed Education Trunks, Adopt-a-Hwy clean-up, envelope stuffing, annual meetings, information booths at events, and photography.
Voices of our

Janelle Kuechle

It was easy for me to choose to volunteer for the Flathead Lakers. I love the lake, and happily volunteer where needed to support our mission to keep the lake clean. 

But now my motivation comes from having experienced working with the Lakers staff and other volunteers.  The camaraderie, the laughter, and the ease of working with people towards a common goal is exhilarating.  Volunteering with the Lakers is highly recommended! I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the Flathead Lakers' community. 


Science on Tap-Flathead
Join us on the first Tuesday of each month in Bigfork at the Flathead Lake Brewing Company.

Scientists from around the region share their work in a fun and approachable way. These events are sponsored by the Flathead Lakers and the Flathead Lake Biological Station with support from the Flathead Lake Brewing Company.

Check out: for a schedule and archived videos of past events. 

Save the Date

July 10, 2016

The Flathead Lakers' 2nd Annual Poker Paddle

  • Volunteer advocacy groups
  • Becoming a Watershed Citizen field trips - May
  • Poker paddle volunteers - July
  • Many more ways to volunteer

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