This is Why... Betty Moore
Spread the Message, not the mussel
Voices of Our Volunteers - Kelly Mildenberger
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Help Keep Flathead Lake Clean!
This is Why...
My husband and I recently attended a boat show in Minnesota and I sat next to a lovely woman who asked me where I was from and if I lived on a lake. I proceeded to tell her that I lived on one of the most beautiful and pristine lakes in not only the country but also the world.
We chatted for a few minutes and she began telling me about an incident that happened on their lake last summer. She said her small grandchild went running into the lake without his rubber bootees. She immediately ran in after him and stepped on a rock covered with zebra mussels. She felt the terrible pain of a bad cut, but got the child out unharmed. The family could tell that she was hurt and sat her down in a chair and tried to stop the bleeding. She began to cry, and her children were terribly distressed thinking that she was in great pain. She told them, "I am not crying for myself, I'm crying for our lake.” She told me that as a child she spent all day on and in the lake, and that is no longer possible. She needed 15 stitches and was uncomfortable for a couple of weeks.
We were interrupted at that point and I began to think about the future of our beautiful Flathead Lake. I thought how lucky we are to have a watchdog organization like the Flathead Lakers and a scientific research and monitoring facility like the Biological Station. We joined the Lakers as general members and have helped with small donations, but I recently decided to try to do more to help keep our beautiful lake remain pristine and free of invasive species and pollution. I recently became a board member of the Flathead Lakers and I hope that I can in some way help our lake protection organization in its noble efforts.
The precious little one in the picture is our youngest grandchild. We also have a great grandchild about the same age, and I want for them to always be able to enjoy the lake. And someday, to be able to bring their grandchildren here to enjoy our beautiful lake as we do now.

    …I just joined the Lakers’ board of directors.
                                                                                                ~Betty Moore
Spread the message, not the mussel!
The threat of aquatic invasive species to Flathead Lake and other lakes and rivers around Montana and the country is serious.  Significant changes to the lake caused by introductions of new aquatic invaders could render Flathead Lake's pristine ecosystem unrecognizable.  

As we move our boats around to enjoy lakes around the region this summer, we must remember to CLEAN, INSPECT, AND DRY them. Please tell your friends and neighbors how important this is and that mandatory inspection stations are not a nuisance, but protection for our beautiful lakes and rivers.
The costs of  mussel infestations are huge, ranging from diminished recreation opportunities and clogged water in-take lines to decreasing property values.

The Flathead Lakers work with local and state partners to prevent introductions of invasive zebra and quagga mussels. 
The Flathead Lakers also work with partners to prevent introductions of harmful aquatic weeds, like Eurasian watermilfoil, and to control, reduce, and, hopefully, eventually eradicate existing aquatic weed infestations, like curly-leaf pondweed.

Scientists Peter Rice (University of Montana) and Virgil Dupuis (Salish Kootenai College) are studying flowering rush in Flathead Lake to learn about its impacts and effective management strategies.  We thank them for sharing their knowledge at our recent Walk & Talk Tour.  Click here to read about what we learned.
Voices of Our Volunteers
Kelly Mildenberger

“If you just communicate, you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles.”  -Jim Rohn
When it comes to solving environmental problems, communication is key. Whether trying to inspire people to reduce their carbon footprints or check their boats for aquatic invasive species, they must care enough about the issue at hand to take action. And in order for people to care, they must first understand, and that understanding requires effective communication.
I started volunteering with the Flathead Lakers as their Facebook page manager in September. I have a very soft place in my heart for environmental non-profits as a conservationist, a lover of all things outdoors, and a non-profit worker myself. Coming on board with the Lakers was a no-brainer for me, and it has been so rewarding helping build  our Facebook presence and communicating  our mission.
If you haven’t checked out our Facebook page yet, now’s your chance! Here!
When it comes to spreading the message about the awesome work the Lakers do, social media is one of the fastest and most effective ways. You can help spread the message too by simply liking and sharing our posts with your friends. It’s up to me to post the stories and photos, but it’s up to you to share them! Spread the word, folks, and the lake will benefit! 

Science on Tap-Flathead

Scientists from around the region share their work in a fun and approachable way. These events are sponsored by the Flathead Lakers and the Flathead Lake Biological Station with support from the Flathead Lake Brewing Company.

Check out: for a schedule and archived videos of past events. 

Flathead Lakers' 2nd Annual Poker Paddle

July 10, 2016

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Join Us on July 26
Flathead Lakers Annual Meeting

Flathead Lake Biological Station
6:15 Social time - 7:00 Program
Site Visits
Have you wondered what you can do around your property to be more ‘lake-friendly’?  Are you interested in learning about best management practices (BMPs) that would lessen your impact on the lake? 

Schedule a free site visit today. Site visits can be done any time of the year without snow and on weekends with advanced notice.
Contact Hilary Devlin, Education and Outreach Coordinator at 883-1341 or 
  • Volunteer advocacy groups
  • 'Becoming Watershed Citizens' Flathead Lake Biological Station field trips for local students - May 25, 26, and June 2
  • Poker Paddle Fundraiser - July 10
  • Riparian plantings - various dates (
  • Many more ways to volunteer, contact Hilary Devlin at 883-1341 or (
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