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Dear Source Member, just to keep you up to date on all that’s happening on Source, here’s a brief line-up of all that’s new, improved and not to be missed! Keep on ‘Sourcing!’
Halloween Hoot!
October is a strange month that seems to herald a final huurah to anything remotely like summer and welcomes autumn well and truly in. It's therefore an odd no-mans land, where you need to have some fun. Why not embrace it fully - like our transatlantic friends, and go the whole hog for Halloween! With the help of our partners, we have put together some exciting 'Experiences' to ensure the darker nights are fully taken advantage of!

If Halloween is not your thing, you may still want an excuse to be merry. Why not indulge in the beer heaven that is Oktoberfest? Including unlimited beer, it's bound to lighten your spirit and warm your soul! 

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Autoprivé - Our fantastic new partner Autoprivé, offer a full vehicle concierge service like no other. This includes jumping waiting lists for in demand new performance and limited edition cars, finding you the best possible price for your new vehicle acquisition, shipping and delivering any new purchase and complete ownership service. The latter provides performance car driving instruction, secure storage and maintenance requirements, to name a few. If it's simply a new family saloon you require, they can assist with that too. Tap the bell to get in touch. 

Give yourself a break and impress your friends by hiring a private chef for the evening to create a Halloween inspired menu. Simply dress up, sit back, eat, drink and enjoy. The sinister Source Experience includes:
  • Themed or non-themed menu consultation
  • Family Cook or Personal Chef to buy, prepare and cook all food
  • Food costs (additional)
  • Optional case of hand selected wines (additional)
  • Price from £250 per day 
Go to our 'Experiences' magazine for all that's included and to book.

Throw your children and their friends the Halloween party they will never forget! There are lots of options, so you can make it as simple or as indulgent as you like. The Source Experience includes:
  • Smoke machines, green lighting and eerie sound effects
  • A children's entertainer to lead themed 'scary' games
  • Green candy floss machine
  • Coffin and other scary props
  • Themed party bags
  • 'Vampire Special' Laser Tag, or Greenscene Photo-booth or Rodeo Pumpkin
  • Price from £499 
Go to our 'Experiences' magazine for all that's included and to book.

Experience the chill of one of the most talked about productions to get you into the Halloween spirit, and enjoy a delicious meal beforehand. The Source Experience includes:
  • A Three-course dinner at a top restaurant near theatre - options typically include Laganas, L'Escargot, The Criterion, Roux at the Landau or the Ritz!
  • Premium tickets to Woman in Black
  • Complimentary champagne (you’ll need it!)  
  • A babysitter for your children (additional charge)
  • A private car to take you to and from the theatre (additional charge)
  • Price from £240 per person
Go to our 'Experiences' magazine for all that's included and to book.

Ever wanted to know how it would feel to spend the day in Lederhosen? Well here's your chance! With plenty of merriment and a large consumption of beer and Bockwurst, you'll be well on your way! The Source Experience includes:
  • Priority Entrance
  • Guaranteed reserved seat in the Paulaner Beer Tent
  • Unlimited Steins of Paulaner Beer
  • Meal from Herman Ze German
  • Access to Paulaner Beer Garden, The Bavarian Bier Keller, Secret Sekt Garden, German Wine Keller, and Munich Market
  • Price £72 per person
Go to our 'Experiences' magazine for all that's included and to book.
Whatever you require - we can Source it!
Fabulous Facial - This member requested a facial that would help to treat tired skin and make her feel refreshed. Being pregnant meant that she was conscious of getting the best and most suitable treatment for her requirements. Our skincare experts - Cadogan Clinic, were able to offer a number of appropriate facials and booked an appointment for the next day. She reported back that the service, treatment and overall experience were all excellent. If you have a skincare request simply tap the bell.
Hit the Town! - This member wanted a 'cool place' to take his girlfriend for a fun evening that had to include a dance floor. Our London nightlife experts were quick to respond and were able to find the perfect spot. Their suggestion of Raffles - a well-heeled private members club was no obstacle. Adding our member and his girlfriend to the exclusive guest list was simple - an evening of fun beckoned! If you want to get into the 'in' places, tap the bell and make your request.
Marvellous Magnums - A request was made on the back of one of our inspiring articles from our wine partner - Honest Grapes. As a connoisseur of good wine, this member loved the description of the Antucura magnums that were being offered at a tremendous price! They responded directly to the article to request a case. The purchase was made in a matter of minutes and the bottles were soon on their way. The only thing left to do - was enjoy! If you are looking for that perfect bottle or case of wine, simply tap the bell to make your request. 

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Photo credits:
Woman in Black: Theedgesusu / CC BY 2.0
Pumpkins: Cmallard / Pixabay / CC BY 2.0
Facial: Zenspa1 / Flickr / CC BY 2.0
Wine Glass: Unsplash / Pixabay / CC BY 2.0

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