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We will heat you up and cool you down!

We hope you have been enjoying your summer! Its hard to believe August is upon us and soon the cool fall evenings!

With another month of summer to enjoy we want to ensure you get the most out of your home comfort system during the cooling season. 
  • Headings away on holidays? Save energy by adjusting your thermostat 2-3 degrees.
  • On hot days keep any window coverings closed to keep the hot sun out.
  • Change or clean your furnace filter.
  • Clear any plants, trees or bushes away from your outdoor air conditioner unit so air can properly circulate around it.
  • Find your comfort zone within your home, set your thermostat and always keep it within 1-2 degrees of this temperature (unless going away on holidays) this helps your home maintain a constant comfort level and does not cause the system to over work from each day.
  • Have your unit serviced yearly by a professional.
  • Switch your furnace fan to "on" if you would like the air to circulate when the cooling is not on.
  • Check doors and windows for any air leaks and caulk if necessary.
Did you know that your air conditioner will not only remove heat from your home but it will also remove humidity as well as allergens and pollutants which will then get caught in your filter.

This summer the only water spray we want you to be enjoying is from a sprinkler, pool or lake... NOT from your home or business plumbing system!

Summer Plumbing Tips From The Pro's

  • Check all outdoor faucets for any leaks
  • Check around the base of each toilet for moisture - over time the seal can breakdown and may need replacing
  • Check your tub and shower for any caulking that may need to be replaced to prevent water leaking down behind your walls
  • Have any toilets that are running checked - one toilet can waste gallons of water!
  • Check water connections and drains under your kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Check your washing machine water connections - many are hidden behind the machine and out of sight
  • If you have a septic - when was the last time it was pumped? If it has been a while the ideal time to pump is in the Spring, Summer and Fall.
  • Ensure your eavestrough drain away from your home.
  • Have you been experiencing any slow drains? Gurgling toilets? Saturated lawn (by your septic)? Best to have the pro's check it out before winter arrives!
Plumbing Preventative Maintenance is not as common as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), however just as important.

When is it important to have your home or business plumbing system checked?
  • What is the age of the home or building?
    Many older homes have old piping, over the years the pipes build up and your water pressure will slowly decrease. You may notice small particles in the water which could be from the pipes.

  • Are You Buying A New Home or Building... Did you just move in?
    Having a professional walk through to check the plumbing system before moving in or closing on a purchase could save you $!

  • What is the age of the equipment? Ex. Water Heater, Pump, Pressure Tank, Water Softener, Expansion Tank
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