The Panama Canal Extension turns one, Whole Foods and Amazon news, and seed investment opportunities.
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Featured Article: Food Ways
Container ship approaching new locks in Panama Canal
Panama's Big Bet On Big Ships

The Panama Canal Expansion project is celebrating its first anniversary. The expansion has seen steady traffic since completion, with record-setting loads passing though the canal. One of the most popular articles from our first issue dives into the history of the canal and impact of this most vital food way.

In 2006, the Panama Canal had a problem. Researchers predicted that by 2012 the canal would be maxed out. The 48-mile-long series of locks, an industrial miracle nearly forgotten by most of the people who benefit from it, would either have to turn ships away or raise prices to decrease demand. Panama’s President Martín Torrijos proposed an expansion of the canal, and in 2007 it began. That’s where our story begins, sort of. Read more.

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Startup and Accelerator News

Smallhold logo

2017 Food+City Challenge Prize participant Smallhold, a distributed farming startup from Brooklyn, has completed the Techstars program and is in the process of raising seed capital. We recently paid them a visit, and saw how their operation is expanding. Their Instagram page is full of beautiful and exotic mushrooms and serves as a great example for entrepreneur marketers. Interested investors should contact them.
FoodSystem6 logo
The Bay Area–based nonprofit accelerator FoodSystem6 is accepting applications for its next cohort of food startups, beginning in August 2017.
Apply here.
Agruppa logo
2016 Food+City Prize Challenge silver prize winner Agruppa has expanded from a 20-store pilot program to serving more than 400 mom-and-pop shops in Bogota, Columbia. They have recently secured seed funding from two different international investment firms for a total of $330,000. They are raising an additional $200,000 to close their seed round. Interested parties should contact Carolina Medina, CEO of Agruppa.
Food-X logo
New York–based accelerator Food-X is accepting applications for its next cohort starting in September 2017. Food+City and Food-X share several alumni, including Rise, FreshSurety and 2016 Gold Prize winner True Made Foods. Hurry and apply — applications close June 30!
Upcoming Events
Rise logo
July 24, NYC. Upcycled dinner. Please join RISE and Change Food at Rouge Tomate Chelsea, to celebrate successful efforts to combat food waste. Dinner will include multiple courses crafted by Rouge Tomate’s Executive Chef Andy Bennett, incorporating RISE flour — made from the spent grain of the beer-brewing process — and additional upcycled ingredients. Get your tickets here.


Food Forward summit graphic
July 19, Washington DC. Join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation for FOOD FORWARD summit. Explore innovations and emerging technologies that are changing the future of food: autonomous tractors, ground-based sensors, flying drones, vertical farming, new trends in supply chains and infrastructure, and more. Register here.
From The Archive

Are Google, Amazon and Target suffering from a serious case of FOMO?

In a 2015 article from our digital magazine, Robyn Metcalfe offers thoughts on tech giants entering the grocery delivery scene. 

Google has the maps, and Amazon has the warehouse distribution system. How is it that both these companies just announced their entry into the grocery delivery business (Google in Bloomberg and Amazon reported in TechCrunch)? Maybe Google should just lend Amazon their map software. Or Amazon should lease some cold chain warehouses to Google. But both? Within weeks? What’s going on? Read more

Food Chain News

By now you've no doubt heard about the 13.4 billion dollar acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon. This news has dominated headlines since its announcement on June 16. We'll certainly enjoy following this story from a food supply chain perspective. Here are some of our favorite takes so far:

The Atlantic - Why Amazon Bought Whole Foods. Read more
Fox News - Why Amazon Buying Whole Foods Does Not Mean the End of Grocery Stores. Find out more
Houston Chronicle - Amazon and Whole Foods: For Houston, The Future is More of the Past. (With quote from Robyn Metcalfe) Read more
Civil Eats - Will Amazon's Whole Food Acquisition Mean Better Food For All? Find out more
The New Food Economy - John Mackey's Whole Foods is Gone and It's Not Coming Back. Read more
Bloomberg - Amazon Robots Poised to Revamp How Whole Foods Runs Warehouses. Check it out 
FastCoDesign - Amazon Just Patented a Drone Skyscraper Find out more

(Other) Food Chain News

EatForum - For the Best Food (System) Look to France, Canada and Japan. Read more
Reuters - Maersk Says Global IT Breakdown Caused by Cyber Attack. Find out more
WBUR - How The Erie Canal, About To Turn 200, Helped Build the Empire State. Check it out
The New Food Economy - We’ve All Heard the Staggering Statistics About Food Waste. A New Study Says They’re Wrong. Read more
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