Michael Young has designed ‘WearIt’ for the historical Italian audio brand Brionvega.


WearIT:Michael Young 为意大利殿堂级影音品牌 Brionvega 的崭新设计


For its latest product release Brionvega tasked Michael Young to design a new portable bluetooth speaker and leather bag. One of the companies earliest products was the iconic TS207 portable radio designed by Rodolfo Bonetto which was the foundation of this project bringing it's rich past into the present. The resulting speaker is one that retains the integrity and history of the brand whilst bringing it into the present with technology.

“The bluetooth market is a very busy one and my office was lucky enough to work on this technology when it was invented 10 years ago. Defining a product can be a challenge when there are so many players but the legacy of Brionvega transcends that. I have been a fan of the brand since I discovered design, so to be involved in this project has been nothing short of an honour and a great pleasure” says Young.

- Rechargeable battery that lasts 24 hours
- Connect to your mobile phone or a wireless device 
- USB slot to connect to an external device
- Connects to a second WearIt to create surround sound
- High fidelity wireless sound with dual high performance drivers 
  and a tuned passive radiator for deep base
- Built in microphone for hands-free phone calls


始创于 1960 年的 Brionvega 的殊多项目,为大品牌垄断的市场注入独立的设计力量,近来更邀请了 Michael Young 设计最新的蓝牙扬声器和皮包。新品的设计灵感源自 Brionvega 最早期的产品之- Rodolfo Bonetto 设计的 TS207 便携式收音机,体现品牌历史与现今世代的完美融合,既可见品牌的历史及一贯的美学,同时融入当代科技。


“蓝牙市场日新月异,我们公司很高兴能够投身于这一几年前开发的科技范畴。这一产品的定位是一个巨大的挑战,因为市场上的竞争激烈,然而历史悠久的 Brionvega 已升华到另一更高的层次。自我从事设计以来,我一直都是这一品牌的支持者,能够参与这一项目是莫大的荣幸,过程也非常的愉快。”



-  可充电电池,寿命长达 24 小时
-  可连接至行动电话和无线装置
-  USB 槽可连接至其他装置
-  可连接至另一部 WearIt,塑造更完美的音质效果
-  配以双高性能驱动器,提供高质无线音效;已调的无源辐射器带来更深沉的低音效果
-  内置麦克风,方便使用免提通话


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