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Michael Young x Jougor

Stainless Steel Sanitary Ware Launching KBIS January 19-21 2016

Las Vegas Convention Center 
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Michael Young has created Jougor MY designed  to offer a contemporary kitchen and bathroom solution with a fresh yet classic design approach.  In a market that is saturated with similar products, stainless steel leant itself the opportunity to work outside traditional boundaries. The collection comprises a full range of products for the bathroom and kitchen, including faucets, shower systems and bathroom accessories. In a design language distinctly unique to Young, this ground breaking collection can find itself at home in both a contract and domestic market. 
清新经典的设计精髓,点缀任何当代厨房和浴室氛围。不锈钢设计一洗主流市场的单调,优雅地冲破传统的规范。系列全面地包括各类浴室和厨房用品,包括水龙头,淋浴系统和浴室配件。革新性的技术与 Michael Young 的独特设计语言完美结合,为定制品及本土市场带来 崭新独特的力量。
Material Advantages
JOUGOR’s fundamental raw material is Level 304-316 stainless steel, which is specified for medical use. It is widely used for human body implantation because of its inherent non-corrosive qualities.


Material Properties
It is also lead-free, anti-bacterial and oxidation-proof. This easy to maintain material offers a long-lasting surface gloss that will not deteriorate over time. 

无铅, 防菌和抗氧化,便于打理且历久弥新,恒久流露光亮美感。
Mirror Polishing
To assist in our pioneering craftsmanship yet to be explored by the rest of the sanitary ware industry, we have developed our own bespoke equipment to achieve the highest material performance that creates our signature mirrored surface.
采用最高品质物料, 塑造独一无二的的镜面效果。
Design Focus
Michael Young, the designer for our first collection, is amongst the world’s leading figures in his trade. In a career that spans more than 20 years the British-born designer has a consistently won international awards throughout his career. 
The uniqueness of Michael’s work lies in the constant questioning of typologies combined with the pioneering passion for technology. It is with his mind we set about creating a new range of faucets to revolutionize the way we think about them. It is with Jougor that he can capture the spirit of his design.

拥有二十多年的创作历验, 英国设计师 Michael Young 是当今设计界的显赫人物。 其独特设计美学,在于不断地挑战规范及对崭新技术的追求。 祖戈, 正好体现这一设计精神。

“It is design as Industrial Art that interests me, not just as a limited edition, but on a scale of mass production.”


Michael Young
Expertly Crafted
Handmade products deliver warmth and integrity to any household, our highly trained craftsmen have set about this challenge for every single part of a Jougor product. Every component is meticulously finished and assembled by hand.
Health & Environmental Protection
Our mission towards health and environmental protection is embraced by our product CUPC and NSF (United States/Canada). We continue to set new standards that improve the responsibilities of delivering water to the healthiest of standards.
Jougor is proud to announce that it has obtained international certificates including: the Metal Contaminant Precipitation Certification (PRC), CQC Water Conservation Certification (PRC),CUPC and NSF (United States/Canada) and DVGW/W270 Certification (Germany).



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