Iittala x Michael Young Studio
Interior Rebrand at Miramar 



Miramar Centre, Taiwan

In collaboration with Iittala’s in-house design team Michael Young Studio has created an Iittala retail store in Taipei. Built in the new Miramar shopping centre, the flagship works as a highlight of Iittala’s design presence in Taiwan and a showcase of the new store design concept.

The brand plans to increase the retail network in the coming years in all key markets, in APAC area and in Europe. The latest growth steps are the new Iittala store in Taipei by Young and renewed shop-in-shops in NK department store in Stockholm as well as in design department store Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen. Iittala is also opening a branded store in Helsinki airport. 

The new, 85 m2 Taipei retail design positions Iittala more strongly as the progressive Scandinavian lifestyle brand.“We worked with Michael Young to create a retail adventure that in his word’s is grounded in Nordic heritage yet progressive in its execution.  It’s a space that offers a sense of clarity, radiates warmth and celebrates how Iittala works with materials such as glass in a refined way. We see it as a place that offers an in depth experience to what makes Iittala relevant in any home and gives a sense of harmony to every visitor.” Comments Jeremiah Tesolin, Creative Director for Fiskars Living and head of the internal design team working on Iittala.

The new retail design is a strategic step for Iittala taking into consideration both western and Asian consumers.“We are a well established Scandinavian design brand that understands the western lifestyle, but we want to understand thoroughly the specific needs of Asian consumers to enable our strategic growth in the area. Michael Young’s studio has been an excellent design partner for the new Iittala stores as he has a solid international track record in the fields of Asian business and design. Together with our internal retail team, Iittala’s retail presence is upgraded to communicate the brand essence in a fresh way”, says Päivi Paltola, SVP for Fiskars Living brands, including Iittala.

Michael Young Studio 与 Iittala 的设计团队协力设计了Iittala 于台北的零售商店空间。这一旗舰店位于新落成美丽华购物中心,象征 Iittala 正式进驻台湾设计界及展示崭新的商店设计概念。

Iittala 计划于未来几年于亚太区及欧洲多个关键市场里拓展其零售网络。最新的发展是于台北开设由 Michael Young 设计的新店,另于瑞典斯德哥尔摩 NK 百货公司及丹麦哥本哈根知名设计百货公司 Illums Bolighus 开设店中店。品牌的独立门店也即将于芬兰赫尔辛基机场开业。

台北新店占地 85 平方米,鲜明地表现 Iittala 作为现代北欧品牌的独特形象。“我们与 Michael Young 协力创作一个零售冒险体验,引述这位设计师的说法,它是以北欧传统文化为基础,但表现方式则是新富于现代感。” 领导 Iittala 室内设计团队的 Fiskars Living 创意总监 Jeremiah Tesolin 称:“空间充满了清澈感,流露著暖和的光芒,完美反映 Iittala 如何精练地运用玻璃等材质。我们认为这一空间提供了深度的体验,表现了 Iittala 如何完美融入任何的家居氛围,为每一访客带来和谐感。”

这一零售空间设计,象征了 Iittala 的一个策略性里程碑,当中糅合了对于西方及亚洲消费者的考虑。 “我们是知名的北欧设计品牌,深明西方的生活风格,但我们希望透彻地认识亚洲消费者的特殊需要,以配合我们在区内的策略性发展。” 负责包括 Iittala 在内多个 Fiskars Living 品牌的高级副总裁 Päivi Paltola 表示:“Michael Young 的设计工作室是全新 Iittala 商店的理想设计合作夥伴,他在亚洲商业及设计界有丰富的国际经验,与我们的内部零售团队一起把 Iittala 的零售概念提升至更高层次,以新鲜的方法表达品牌的设计理念。”


Say’s Young, "It’s been a rare opportunity to work  with such an historical brand , Iittala is  responsible for building  some of the cornerstones the design industry knows today. The depth of culture in the brand offered me a vast source of inspiration and a tool box to work from. Conceptually however it was important to take into account how perceptions change between Eastern and Western markets. It is a challenge  to present a large product range that communicates  Scandinavian values such as craftsmanship  and design in such a contrasting geographic. Having spent the last 12 years working extensively in Asia I have however been provided with good  platform to combine both forces. 

The underlying concept is that of a “walk through” within  the brand that is  defined by concepts and materials that also key into Asian culture. A prime element has been the shelving system that I created exclusively for the IIttalla retail platform. It is an anodized aluminum extrusion that can be cut to any length and used in a variety of configurations. It is such fine attention to detail that I believe will define the progressive growth of the brand. 

I have also taken inspiration from the wonderful  wooden glass blowing tools I spotted on my first visit to the Helsinki production  facility to create a vast decorative wall element. We also created a mosaic of display systems to cater for the  selected product ranges. Empowering the vision was the creation of a new glass light design that references the plastic Butchers light used in  markets and in stores throughout Asia, it is a tribute combing culture and craftsmanship."

Iittala has taken steady steps towards international growth, with a strong focus on Asia and the recent announcement of the Iittala and Issey Miyake Home Collection launched in February 2016. All together, Iittala has more than 200 stores and shop in shops internationally of which over 90 are in Asian countries. The brand plans to increase the retail network in the coming years in all key markets, in APAC area and in Europe.

Michael Young 表示:“跟这样历史悠久的品牌合作是一个难得的机会。Iittala 为当今的设计界始创了不少重要的里程碑。品牌的文化深度给我丰富的灵感和有用的资源。可是从概念而言, 考虑东西方市场之间的观念差别是相当的重要。在截然不同的地点,推销这样庞大的产品群所反映的工艺、设计等北欧价值观,是一个重要大的挑战。可是,我在过去 12 年在亚洲累积了丰富的经验,这给了我一个充分的平台去把两股力量融合起来。”

商店的设计概念是“穿梭品牌的步行之旅”,细腻地感受以亚洲文化所推崇的诸多概念及材质。最主要的元素是商店的货架系统,那是我特别为 Iittala 零售平台设计的。它以阳极化铝挤压制成,可以切割出任何的长度,应用于不同的设置。对于细节的精细追求,我相信反映了品牌随著时代发展的步伐。


Iittala 目前正在积极执行国际拓展计划,并且聚焦于亚洲市场,早前于 2016 年 2 月更宣布与日本品牌 Issey Miyake 合作推出家品系列。Iittala 目前于世界各地经营逾 200 家商店及店中店,其中超过 90 家是位于亚洲国家。品牌计划于未来几年于亚太区及欧洲多个关键市场里拓展其零售网络。


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