Diamond Water
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The new Diamond water range designed by Michael Young Studio 

Coral, Mini and Water Bar 

Diamond water have spent over 4 years to refine a tool. We have stringently scrutinized over 2000 drafts, 200 models, and 100 kinds of materials. We have made 250 changes...From product concept to a tiny little screw. From product structure to the hidden details. From every shape and curve line. From a simple tool to a refined collectible.

We have eliminated all weaknesses from the ordinary water machine.
We have combined all the strengths of the water machine you wish for.

We made traditional water machines a thing of the past. We gave the water machine a new standard. We have refined a water purifier from being an ordinary tool into The World’s First Refined Water Machine – Diamond Coral

No more scientific water. No more acidic water. No more waste water pollution. No more ugly tool in your kitchen. Water Machine should not be hidden in a kitchen cabinet. You can see it. You can touch it. You can even feel each hearty effort of our designers’ team.

It is simple, perfect, cool, elegant, refined. It is remarkable. It is simply Beautiful.
It will be the next collectible item in a modern family’s kitchen.   

繪畫了超過2000個設計草圖,製作20 0多個原型,更鑽研過百種不同材料。從產品理念以致一粒細小的螺絲,不論產品結構或是難以察覺的微小細節,產品 形狀和每個曲線,也曾作出過250項改進,務求盡善盡美;由一件簡單的工具製作成一件極致的收藏品。

我們解決了傳統淨水器的所有缺點,並將您所期望的優點融入全新的淨水器。我們讓傳統的淨水器成為過去,我們為淨水器定下新的標準。我們把淨水器從一件工具精緻化,為全球首部精品水機 – DIAMOND CORAL 不再有科學水,不再有酸性水,不再有廢水污染,廚房裏不再有醜陋的淨水器。淨水器不再被隱藏於廚房的角落裏。您可以看到,觸摸到,甚至感受到我們設計團隊的每一點心血。





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