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Circuit, Winter 2017

Dispatches from the Frontiers of Neuroscience

In their Winter cover story, Columbia Magazine follows several Zuckerman Institute faculty as they investigate critical aspects of the brain and mind — including how we move, remember and make sense of the world around us.

Read more about our scientists' journey through the 86 billion or so neurons that together help make you, you.

Genetic 'Switch' Offers Clues to Evolutionary Origins of Fine Motor Skills

Thomas M. Jessell, PhD, and colleagues found a genetic signature in animals that drives the supply of nerve cells to the hands and feet.
Franck Polleux, PhD

Jeff Koons To Join Zuckerman Institute as First Artist-in Residence

Mr. Koons will have the opportunity to immerse himself in brain science, while researchers will gain insight into Mr. Koons’s creative process.

The Zuckerman Institute's Carol Mason Wins Champalimaud Vision Award

Prize recognizes decades of work that explores how the eyes connect to the brain and lays the groundwork for new ways to treat vision damage.

Study Uncovers Striking Patterns of Activity in the Resting Mouse Brain

Research from Elizabeth Hillman, PhD, and her team reinforces the use of fMRI as a way to track activity while the brain is at rest.

The Neuroscience of Movement

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Columbia University's Faculty House

Zuckerman Institute Codirector Thomas M. Jessell, PhD, will share his latest work mapping the underlying circuitry in the brain that drives our ability to move. He will also discuss what happens in the brain when that circuitry is disrupted.

This lecture is open to the public and free with registration.

VIDEO: How Do Early Life Experiences Shape Behavior?

Earlier this month, Columbia University Professor of Psychology Frances Champagne, PhD, discussed how genetic and environmental factors can impact the developing brain, influence an individual’s behavior into adulthood and have a lasting effect for generations to come.
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Making News

Columbia's New Center Says 'C'mon In'

The Wall Street Journal recently took a tour of the Jerome L. Greene Science Center, the new home of Columbia's Zuckerman Institute.

An Exploration of the Human Brain

In the latest episode of The Brain Series, Charlie Rose, cohost Eric Kandel, MD, and other experts explore the relationship between childhood adversity and the developing brain.

Science Explains Why Tom Brady and Matt Ryan Are So Good

Rui Costa, PhD, an expert on the neuroscience of movement, decodes the magic behind two of the best quarterbacks in the game.

Your Memory Is Not Like a Computer's

Our brains are often compared to a computer hard drive between our ears. But the reality, says Daphna Shohamy, PhD, is far more complex.

Watch a Resting Brain Light Up With Activity

In a new study, Elizabeth Hillman, PhD, presents compelling evidence that the blood rushing around in the brain is actually a good indicator of what the neurons are doing.
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