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   February 22, 2016
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 The Point of Convergence

Presbytery Gathering
Covenant Presbyterian Church, Costa Mesa
February 25th, 2 PM - 9 PM

­­Dear Colleagues,
When the professional mountain climber Willi Unsoeld was asked why people climb mountains he gave a surprising answer. Instead of repeating the cliche we’ve often heard since childhood, “Because it is there!” he responded with a deeper reason, “Because it’s the point of convergence. It is the peak where the landscape comes together:

--where the three sides of the mountain meet
--where the lines form a central point
--where the trees, the rocks and the trails end”

Unsoel went on to clarify the view from the mountaintop, "It's the place where everything makes sense."
I mention this because I believe that our Presbytery has come to its point of convergence. Our Generative Catalyst Team (GCT) with the endorsement of Presbytery Council has produced an important document, our new Mission Plan, that clearly articulates our focal point as a network of churches:

"To be a community of healthy, vital churches that discover, proclaim, and participate in God's redemptive work through Jesus Christ in the world."

The plan goes on to formulate three basic objectives for us, that is, what the sides of the mountain are today and how we can successfully traverse them.

Thankfully, the plan also offers practical tools for each of these objectives.
At our upcoming Gathering on Feb 25th during Open Space I at 2:00 PM, the three objectives and corresponding tools will be presented for our evaluation and benefit. (Click the tools below to learn more.)

1. MissionInsite
“Knowing and Reaching Your Neighbors using MissionInsite” with Peter Wernett and Mike Regele

Church Assessment Tool (CAT)
“Holy Cow Consulting’s Church Assessment Tool” with Steve Marsh

“Establishing Los Ranchos as an incubator for New Missional Communities and Pioneer Leaders, an Introduction to Cyclical” with Nick Warnes and Steve Wright

Open Space II at 3:30 PM, the Generative Catalyst Team (GCT) will look at the Mission Plan as a whole and answer questions about how it fits together.
Now that Council has already enthusiastically endorsed the Mission Plan, commissioners in attendance on February 25 will be asked to approve it as well. That is why I am making this special invitation to ensure that commissioners take full advantage to learn about the plan and its component parts.
I have attached a draft of the Mission Plan below for your perusal.
I've been told that our Presbytery lacks alignment and that we don't have a clear sense of where we are headed.

This Mission Plan rises above the landscape and provides a clearing where we can say, "Aha! Now I see."
On our journey of faith together, with this plan in hand, we can now climb to the summit for a broader perspective of where the Spirit is leading us. As we gain this perspective, God will continue to reveal to us—congregations and presbytery alike—the paths we should take, ones that ultimately lead to a breathtaking and compelling witness to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you,
Tom Cramer
Draft of our new Mission Plan
Open Space

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