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  July 2016
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  • A Glorious Celebration by Tom Cramer
  • A Few Thoughts, Three Days Later by Forrest Claassen
  • Webinar by Jack Haberer
  • Whitworth Preaching Opportunity
  • Los Ranchos Challenge
  • Board of Pensions Videos

PDA has an account set up specifically for US California Fires. The Account number is DR000165. People who make donations can note that number on their checks.


A Glorious Celebration
by Tom Cramer

Could the “sex wars” really be over? Generally, the atmosphere at this Assembly was far less contentious than some of recent memory. This is largely due to the changes that took place at the last two Assemblies... More
The 222nd General Assembly (2016): A Few Thoughts, Three Days Later
by Forrest Claassen

The decision-making process of General Assembly is complicated, mysterious, and frustrating. It is clouded by putting power in the hands of people with little experience and by a brutal schedule. And sometimes I struggle to explain its decisions to worried listeners. More


I will register at The Presbyterian Outlook for a minimum of 6 participants.  I need to send the participants’ names and e-mail addresses ( … the address from which you will join the webinar on Tuesday morning or from which you will watch the recorded version later) to The Presbyterian Outlook.  [The CANVAS location will count as one participant, no matter how many people are there.]  Then the participants will each receive an e-mail with directions on joining the webinar.  Open the e-mail ASAP:  it has instructions on how to Download the program you will use to access the broadcast.
An Invitation from Rev. Michael Haggin
“Formulating an Integrative Christian Ethic,”
Tuesday, July 12, 11 PDT - 12 Noon

How to Download the webinar program

Jack Haberer,
author and long-time editor of The Presbyterian Outlook and current and past pastor, will lead a webinar (sponsored by The Presbyterian Outlook). It's on how faithful and thoughtful Christians can use the Bible as a resource in day-to-day decision-making.  

I’ll be following it at the CANVAS [new worshipping community] worship space (17332 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 115, Irvine 92614) on a big screen, and I invite everyone to join me there.  Alternately, you can sign up with our group and follow it on your own computer at home or office (live or later).

I will pay the bill … although I will welcome any contributions to share the cost. Michael Haggin
For up to 6 e-mail addresses, it is $29.95 total. 
For 7 to 12, it is $39.95. 
For 13 or more, it is $49.95.

Whitworth Institute of Ministry
Each presbytery is invited to form preaching cohorts of up to 8 pastors, with one of them the “cohort leader,” to engage in guided reflection on the relationship between their spiritual lives and their preaching work. Two tracks are planned: one from the summer of 2016 to the summer of 2017, and one from the summer of 2017 to the summer of 2018. 
Grants will provide for a stipend for the cohort leader, a small amount of administrative money for the Presbytery, and scholarships for people to attend the Whitworth Institute of Ministry (cohort leaders get free registration and R&B; cohort members get $50 registration instead of $300, but have to cover their own R&B).

Cohort Leader Expectations

Invitation to Cohort Participants


Validated Projects: Bridging Borders/Not Church, Hope for Life Chapel/RV Ministry, Adopt an Elder/Build a Bridge, COA Meal Program, Creating Joy, Little Brown Mission, Placentia Community Outreach & Church Transformation, Power 4Youth Mentoring,  Rising Tide After-School Program, Shower Plus Ministry.  Website
Los Ranchos Challenge

Funds Distributed YTD - $203,533.36

$292,700 has been set aside for matching grants to increase long-term mission from congregations and individuals in Los Ranchos Presbytery. Each gift to a validated project will be matched dollar for dollar. Your generosity will be doubled. This money must be designated before 2017 and be above and beyond our current mission giving. $203,533.36, or 70% of our fund, has already been distributed to our Validated Projects.

If this is to become a reality we need people like you--people engaged in the mission of Jesus Christ--to prayerfully consider significant gifts toward new and expanded mission.
Videos of Clayton Cobb: "Ch-ch-changes"

The Rev. Dr. Clayton Cobb, our presbytery’s liaison to the Board of Pensions, created videos of his workshop on June 14 from noon to 1:45 at the Presbytery Office. Videos



July 19-23, Youth Triennium
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