Table of Contents
  • President’s Message
  • Canadian Rockies Memorial Golf
  • Winnipeg Race Night
  • New Members
  • Club of the Year Award
  • Vancouver 60th Anniversary
  • Montreal 65th Anniversary
  • Winnipeg Zoo – Polar Bears!
  • ISC Bangkok Report
  • Voicemail Protocols
  • Deloitte Growth Report
  • Tourism ‘Darwin’ awards
  • Test your creative side
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President's Message

Dear Skålleagues, with the year half gone already SICAN is making good progress.
Our membership count at the present time is 709 and we hope that we will reach at least 725 by year end with a goal of 800+ in the upcoming years.
The Strategic Planning working groups formed at the NAASC Congress are moving ahead with their initiatives and we will keep you abreast of their development for marketing memberships and building Skål awareness.
Two clubs will have significant anniversary celebrations coming up in September.
Montreal, the first Canadian SKÅL club will be celebrating their 65 anniversary on September 19 and the Vancouver club will have their 60th anniversary, also in September.  I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Canadian Rockies and Winnipeg clubs and meeting with their members in June. They both had interesting venues as the Rockies club challenged the Calgary club in their annual golf tournament. And the Winnipeg club held their meeting at Assinniboia Downs racetrack.
I would like to thank the executive committee as well as the SICAN representatives and the working groups for all the time and effort they have put into this organization to make it run and grow.  I would also like to wish all Skålleagues and their families a wonderful and safe summer time.

Canadian Rockies - Memorial Golf Challenge
President Rolf Schwartje attended the Canadian Rockies Annual Memorial Golf Challenge this June. Rolf wanted to share some interesting photos of special guests that joined the tournament. YES that is a Coyote and Grizzly Bear joining the foursomes on the course!!!

Winnipeg Club Assiniboia Downs Race Night
President Rolf Schwartje visited Winnipeg Club and joined in the fun for an evening at the race track. Rolf presented Henry Traa, President Winnipeg Club with his banner.
New members
Quebec City
Julie Tremblay – Associate
President ENIPSO
Vishal Bhalla - Director Lodging
Noralta Lodge
Scott Marohn – Director
Winnipeg Airports Authority
Theresa Betty - Young Skål
Timothy Tindle - VP Operations
Atlific Hotels
Club of the Year Award

Congratulations to London Club!
We missed highlighting this special award where the Board recognized London Club for its outstanding accomplishment of achieving the highest level of goals set out for clubs in 2013.
Photo of Darrin Pollard, PR/Communication Rep for London Club accepting the award from President Rolf Schwartje.

Vancouver 60th Anniversary – September 10, 2014
On September 10, 2014 - SKÅL Vancouver will be turning 60!!!
Founded in 1954, the SKÅL club on the beautiful West coast of Canada will be celebrating all that is amazing in the Pacific North West.  The club will host its anniversary party at the Gramercy Grill where Chef Dennis Huang has a savvy flair for marrying locally sourced ingredients to create culinary masterpieces and will be accompanied by an abundance of the best of BC VQA wines.
The party, in the quaint Kitsilano neighbourhood, welcomes one and all to our celebration.  There will be raffle prizes, birthday celebrations, a historical presentation of the club, and a chance to win a trip to Mexico!
            Gramercy Grill
            2685 Arbutus St, Vancouver, BC
            Reception 6 pm
            Dinner 7 pm
            Cost $50
Interested in attending, please contact the club secretary:  Skå
SKÅL Club Montreal 65th Anniversary Celebration
1st Club in Canada created in 1949
Skål Club of Montreal is celebrating its 65th year this year and we are not about to retire. In fact, we’re just getting started.  Join us for this festive event that will be held on Friday September 19, 2014. 
All current, past and future members as well as guests, are invited to a black tie evening to reminisce cherished memories and to recognize the pride of being part of the wonderful world of the International tourism and travel industry.
Our president, Mrs. Christine Killinger, and the Board of Directors of the Montreal Club would be honored to have you join us and celebrate our 65th anniversary together.
DATE :                 Friday September 19, 2014

PLACE :               Hyatt Regency Hotel Montréal
                              1255, Jeanne-Mance, Complexe  Desjardins, Montréal   
TIME :                   Cocktail: 18:00
                              Diner and Entertainment:  19 : 00

PRICE :                $100

DRESS CODE :  Business attire

RSVP :                  Before July 15, 2014
Winnipeg Assiniboine Park Zoo – October 21
Polar bears want to have you for dinner!
The Assiniboine Park Conservancy is undertaking a $200 million redevelopment program and a key element is a new $90 million Northern Species Arctic Exhibit within the Assiniboine Park Zoo. This exhibit is the hub of a world class research and genetics facility and will display polar bears in a dynamic 10 acre open site. Visitors will have special vantage points to view the  polar bears including unique views of polar bears and seals swimming overhead as you pass through a 169 foot Acrylic tunnel titled; “Sea Ice Passage.”   Another unique vantage point will be from our main dining room with viewing into the enclosure.
Skålleague Lorne Perrin, with the Assiniboine Park Conservancy, has arranged a special evening for Skål members where you will experience the northern lights in our 360 degree domed Aurora Borealis Theatre and enjoy an eight-minute feature presentation, Rhythms of the North.  This will be an evening to remember! $80 per person – limited seating.
For details or to register: Loretta Clark

International Skål Council Bangkok Report
In the World of Skål…by Bill Rheaume
We recently completed the ISC mid-year meetings in Bangkok. You may have been aware that Thailand was under Martial Law in May and just prior to the meetings May 29 – 31, the Military took control of the government in a Military Coup. Although there was some concern and deliberations about cancelling the meetings, the ISC Executive made the decision to proceed. Skål was once again one of the first organizations to support a country’s tourism in the face of adversity, (I attended the World Congress in Puerto Rico two weeks after 911).
I am pleased to report that these meetings were much more productive than the previous year. I have distributed my full report to your club representatives but here are some of the high points –
  • The committee presentations yielded ideas and initiatives on additional revenue streams;
  • Council operational changes that will foster more cooperation between the Council and EC,  more opportunity devoted to discussing important issues affecting the performance of the organization and cost saving measures;
  • A new committee to streamline and modernize the Statutes to be voted on at the 2015 General Assembly in Kenya; and
  • A Skål Ambassador program to improve efficiencies in the organization’s mandate of developing industry awareness and initiatives around the world.
Lastly, I thank all members for the opportunity of representing you on the International Council. I intend to continue with my second term and will run for election at the World Congress in Mexico as a VP on the ISC Board. 
Voicemail Protocol 

Should I Leave A Voicemail?
The game has changed!  Prospects are hiding behind caller id and aren't answering their phone. No matter how often or what time of day, they just aren’t answering. When you call over and over again and never get an answer, it’s like spinning your wheels. “Are you really in control?” If you are going to regain control and gain traction over time, leave messages!
I spent the early part of my sales career believing that leaving voicemail messages was a waste of time. Why? Because return phone calls are rare, and I preferred calling multiple times until I finally got a voice-to-voice connection with the decision maker. I felt like it kept me in control of the follow up process, and it was the most efficient way to crank out more calls throughout the day. I figured I’d save 15+ seconds per call by not leaving messages.
But the game has changed, prospects are hiding behind caller id and aren't answering their phone. No matter how often or what time of day, they just aren’t answering. When I call over and over again and never get an answer, it’s like spinning my wheels. So it got me thinking, “Am I really in control?” and “Am I really being more efficient?” I realized, if I’m going to regain control and gain traction over time, I have to leave messages.
So much of sales is about maintaining perspective. The goal of a voicemail is not to get a call back. The goal, is to be remembered. Here are seven reasons to leave a message...
Build Awareness
Leaving a message lets my prospect know that I exist. Leaving a message plants a seed. It is the first step in opening the door. The prospect knows, I have value added ideas, and I’m going to be searching for an opportunity to connect.
Generate Interest
One thing is certain, my prospect is getting hammered with sales calls all day long. That's why they aren’t answering their phone. Voicemail acts as a filter where sales people move themselves into or out of the picture. Leaving a message puts me in the game!
Introduce an Alternative
When calling on qualified prospects, they're looking for new solutions, upgrades, and alternatives. They might be in a meeting discussing options right now. Your messaging positions you as a viable option. There is nothing worse than finally getting the decision maker on the phone after months of calling and hearing, “Actually, we just signed on with one of your competitors.” That’s when you think, “dang, I should have left a message.”
Create an Opportunity
Most prospects knee jerk response is to say, “I'm not interested... we’re fine where we are.” Click... “Wait a minute!” you think, “I haven’t even said anything.” What good is it to finally get someone on the phone if they are going to hang up as soon as they realize you're a sales person? A series of strategic, targeted messages creates the opportunity for a welcomed conversation when they finally answer the phone.
Establish Credibility
One way to differentiate yourself is to consistently follow-up. While your competition is not following through, not using their CRM to build a pipeline, and turning over sales people left and right, you have to be the consistent consultative voice breaking through all the noise.
Demonstrate Expertise
Every voicemail you leave and every email you send should demonstrate that you are an industry expert. You understand your prospect's business challenges. You know how to solve their problems. You have experience and data to prove your abilities. Share value added, solution building content from your latest blog posts, white papers, case studies, etc.
Gain Influence
You need to have multiple influencers within the company, for example, leave messages for the CFO, Controller, and Director of XYZ. Let them to know you just left a message for their colleague. The goal is to have them sitting in a meeting or conversing over lunch about a problem and all of a sudden your name comes up!
A messaging strategy has to include a very specific set of five to eight targeted voicemail and email messages to leave and send over time. When you're dealing with targets that are difficult to reach, you have to prepare for a long term attack!
Deloitte Growth Report
Global tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. In 2012, global international tourist arrivals passed the one-billion mark, having risen 4% per year for the last decade. Over the past 12 years, global tourism receipts have more than doubled, from $475 million U.S. in 2000 to $1.075 trillion U.S. in 2012. International departures from key emerging economies are increasing an average of 13% per year – far above the overall global average increase of 4%. Yet Canada’s tourism industry is struggling to compete.
Click here for the full article.

Tourism ‘Darwin’ Awards 
You have likely heard of the annual Darwin awards listing people who have done bizarre things and survived (or not).  You have also probably encountered incredible humorous situations with customers along the way and we often share these crazy stories with colleagues and have a good laugh over each other’s  ‘real life stories’!
Well we want to share some of your great stories in future newsletters. So we are asking for submissions that we can share.  Half page or less would be great! 

P.S.: We also want a really creative title for this section so if you have any suggestions, please send them along.

Test Your Creative Side
Match the odd/ phonetic phrases with their meaning. Here are a couple of examples;
  • Forgets all about it    -   amnesia
  • Doesn’t yet exist, but always will   -   future 
Have a great summer!

Bon été !

Created by Denis Smith - EST - Skål Canada