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Welcome to the third edition of the newsletter for ERP and TMS vendors.  

This issue focuses on the implementation of Corporate Access, which will enable corporates to become SEPA compliant by 31 October 2016 at the latest.

After the summer break we have had some successful deployments, and we aim to start a Swedish pilot early October this year. Informing customers about SEPA end-date and what that means in terms of customer responsibilities will also begin around this time. If everything goes well, other Swedish customers will be on-boarded from November.

Norway and Denmark will not start pilots until Q1 2016, and we expect to open up for other Norwegian and Danish customers at the end of this quarter.

We are planning two different webinars later this year – both with the purpose of supporting vendors in your planning and development processes.

Enjoy the updates and remember that you can find previous issues here.

Mikael Kepp 


PATU FTP migration has begun

Finland: In our first issue back in March, we announced PATU FTP migration had begun. The deadline is creeping closer and now there are only six months to make the necessary changes and introduce alternative solutions. 


Make sure your customers' e-invoicing will continue to work 

Finland: In March we informed you about our plans to simplify and streamline the processing of Finvoice messages. The end result will be better customer support.

To make sure your customers' e-invoicing will not be discontinued as of 1 January 2016, find out what actions need to be taken.

An update on ULMP and LUM2 migration

Finland: In our previous newsletter, we informed you about Nordea's plans to phase out the old local legacy formats for foreign currency payments - also known as LUM2 and ULMP.

There is a one-year window to make the necessary changes and introduce the substitute solution as the Electronic Foreign Currency Payments service will be closed down in October 2016. The current replacement service is Corporate Payment Services (Yrityksen maksut-palvelu). XML versions 2 and 3 are supported. 

Advanced information service for incoming foreign currency payments

Finland: The advanced information service for incoming foreign currency payments available through file transfer will end on 31 October 2016. When necessary, incoming foreign currency payments can be viewed in the account and balance information in Corporate Netbank. 


Transfer funds the same day with same day credit transfer

Denmark: With a same day credit transfer a customer can transfer funds on the same day to a beneficiary in another Danish bank. This is typically used for payment of salaries and other large amounts.

NemKonto payments now also via Corporate Netbank

Denmark: NemKonto payments in Denmark have been expanded to include users of Corporate Netbank, as well as customers using file transfers via Unitel EDI or Corporate eGateway as was previously the case.

Customers can manually key in or import NemKonto payments and they will be made as a bank transfer or salary and pension payment. Instead of using the beneficiary’s account number, they can use the social security number/Central Business Register number (CVR). Read more about the Format descriptions by clicking below.

This payment is only available if the customer is authorised to use it, and can be made using the urgency ‘standard’.


SEPA planning for smaller Swedish companies

Sweden: Smaller corporates using Internetbanken Företag have different options to become SEPA compliant. For more information and suggested options, please revisit our article from the June issue.