P4NE’s Roundup No.11

We want to see the new economy ecosystem grow, deepen its relationships and make greater progress together. We think that illuminating work and ideas across different aspects of the ecosystem and bringing more coherence to the field as a whole is one way of doing this. This monthly roundup is one of our contributions.

Ten things on our radar this month…

  1. Climate justice activist and medic Mikaela Loach’s debut book,  It’s not that radical: climate action to transform our world.

  2. Lots of online and in person events this month: A New Generational Contract on 4-5th May; Climate Grief and Hope on 4th May from the Othering & Belonging Institute; The Beyond Growth Conference on 15th-17th May aiming to discuss and co-create policies for sustainable prosperity in Europe; and Rethinking Economics: Students Framing Research on 17th May. This is a presentation of the key findings of their Framing & Messaging research, a culmination of a year long study into how best to motivate students into action. 

  3. A video of Professor Jason Hickel debunking green growth in front of the Dutch Parliament.  "Decarbonization with growth is like trying to run down an escalator that is accelerating upwards." 

  4. An archive of rich content and recorded events to work through on the Rebuilding Macroeconomics site from the Institute for Global Prosperity.

  5. Deliberation and Participation beyond Western Institutions - what we can learn about deliberation, participation and governance from the Global Majority. 

  6. The recording from ‘A new economic era? A dialogue on inequality and economic rights in a post-neoliberal future’.

  7. An excellent, granular and applicable list of 15 green skills that will be needed in the coming decades. From companies and charities to politicians and CEOs, everyone is seeking green skills, yet most of us don’t know what they are.

  8. Make My Money Matter’s latest campaign, 'The Hidden Relationship' - starring Kit Harington and Rose Leslie and centred upon an explosive episode of Couples Therapy. The new film shows what goes on behind closed doors between our banks and the fossil fuel industry.

  9. Podcasts to listen to: A new economics podcast, Macro Dose and The System Shift with Indy Johar.

  10. Some great new courses to sign up to: Finance for a Regenerative Economy,  the Institute for Social Banking Upcoming Summer School 2023 and the Rematriating Economies Apprenticeship, the only apprenticeship program designed for Indigenous women by Indigenous women.   

Some things we’ve been up to…

  • Getting ready to host a dinner for funders at the Beyond Growth conference in Brussels next week on 15th May, with Kate Raworth. If any funders are attending the conference, we have a few places left for dinner - email

  • Jo spoke at the Bennett Institute’s Annual Conference this month on a panel titled ‘Measuring progress in a time of crises: how can data help policy?’ The recording is available online.

  • Planning a webinar for The Philanthropy Europe Assocation (Philea) in June, and gearing up for their event in Croatia on 23rd-25th May.

  • Exciting news! On September 14th this year, P4NE, in collaboration with others, will be running a one-day festival in Rotterdam. We’ll be bringing together people and organisations working across the new economy, wellbeing economy, social economy and solidarity economy. We hope you will join us! Register your interest if you want to receive updates as we firm up the details.

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