Welcome to P4NE’s first monthly roundup

This is a place where we plan to share:

  • What’s on our radar in the New Economy field - lifting up interesting work and experimenting with what the field is and where the boundary of the field might extend to.

  • News from our grantees - highlighting some of the brilliant ways they are influencing change and featuring one of them in more depth.

  • Insights from horizon-scanning and P4NE’s collective sense-making sessions that we are hosting each month.

Why are we doing this?

We want to see the New Economy ecosystem grow, deepen its relationships and make greater progress together. We think that illuminating the work and ideas across different aspects of the ecosystem and bringing more coherence to the field as a whole is one way of doing this. This monthly update is one of our contributions.

A bit about us…

In case you don’t know much about P4NE, we are an international funder collaborative with 7 Partners - Ford Foundation, KR Foundation, Laudes Foundation, Marisla Foundation, MAVA Foundation, Oak Foundation and Omidyar Network. Our vision is: ‘our economy redesigned for nature and all people to flourish.’ We are a small staff team of 5, the majority of whom work part-time, are based in the UK and near Geneva, Switzerland.

We used to fund in the US, but now we mostly fund in Europe. We have just started a new funding programme in New Zealand. You can see who our current grantees are here.

On our radar this month…

Exploring Economics an open access, e-learning platform on pluralist economics where you can discover a variety of economic theories, methods and topics.

Ecological Economics For All - Summer Virtual Crash Course a short free, online course for students, teachers, academics, practitioners, activists, and any human being interested in transforming the economy to the sustainable, just, and efficient path needed to address social and climate crises.

Doughnut Unrolled a new set of tools for your place. The team at DEAL has created 5 new openly accessible tools for people to apply the ideas of doughnut economics in place.

The launch of a new book ‘Birdgirl’ by Mya Rose Craig, President of Black2Nature

Reasons to be Cheerful podcast on the role of the ultra-wealthy in our society. They talk to Gemma McGough from Patriotic Millionaires about why it’s important for the rich to speak up, to Stephanie Brobbey about how wealthy people can become ‘good ancestors’, and Derek Bardowell about taking funders and philanthropists on an educational journey about systemic change.

A publication from Positive Money on finance lobbying in the UK. “...we must reclaim our democracy from big finance, and put in place the regulations and reforms that will align our financial system with the public interest, and invest in a fair and sustainable economy for all."

A new report Catalysing Bank Climate Action: Lessons from the Inside, from The Finance Innovation Lab and Climate Safe Lending Network.

Stir to Action festival the “Playground for the New Economy” returning to their residential campus in Devon in July. Join them for three days of panels, workshops, open space, virtual reality experiences, sustainable food, and live music.

Grantee Spotlight…

What have we missed?

We plan to publish this in the last week of every month. We'd love to include things that you want to spotlight and share. Email us if you'd like to suggest an article, event or idea for us to include in a future edition.