P4NE’s Roundup No.5

We want to see the new economy ecosystem grow, deepen its relationships and make greater progress together. We think that illuminating work and ideas across different aspects of the ecosystem and bringing more coherence to the field as a whole is one way of doing this. This monthly roundup is one of our contributions.

Ten things on our radar this month…

  • An Economy of Abundance - Robin Wall Kimmerer asks how we can learn from Indigenous wisdom and ecological systems to reimagine currencies of exchange.

  • An essay series from authors across the globe, commissioned by Civic Square on Reimagining Economic Possibilities, including an essay by one of our team, Cassie, on Reimagining Philanthropy.

  • Stop The Squeeze, a new campaign launched by a group of P4NE grantees and others, calling on the UK government to tackle the cost of living crisis by guaranteeing affordable energy, boosting incomes and raising taxes on wealth.

  • Unpacking the black box of capitalism - we love this Twitter thread from Alastair Parvin, in response to Kate Raworth. “The term ‘capitalism’ is too blurry. But if we can unpack it into a set of more specific systems and mechanisms we can have more useful conversations about what is / isn’t working.” For more from Kate Raworth, sign up to hear here give this year’s Annual 42nd E.F Schumacher lecture on the 12th November.

  • Sylvie Goulard, Deputy Governor of the Banque de France gave a speech on how to re-embed our economic and financial systems within planetary boundaries, which is well worth reading.We cannot afford to lose time or to wait until we have elaborated ‘perfect’ tools. We need to seek how transformative changes can be implemented as soon as possible”.

  • Oikos International have kicked off their 2022 oikos Academy: an onsite and online change lab hosted from 5 cities over 7 days. Join the last three events this week to explore questions around the role of higher education in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world.

  • Messaging This Moment: a guide to how to talk about the climate and cost of living crisis at the same time. Narrative work (based on research this summer in the UK) with useful messaging templates and tools.

  • Could societies shift away from growth-oriented economics and sustain human well-being within planetary boundaries? A new international study will address this important question thanks to a €10 million grant from the European Research Council.

  • Why it’s time to change the narrative around growth - where the authors talk about the consequences of prioritising growth over societal wellbeing in monetary transactions and why it is time to talk differently about prosperity.

  • Culture COP’s programme for COP27, bringing arts and culture to support, challenge, and deepen the possibility of a more climate just, and safe world for all.

Other things we’ve been up to…

  • Developing the ‘Economy Leaders Academy’, which we’ll be launching soon! An online inter-generational leadership programme for professionals, open beyond our grantees. More details to follow in November.

  • Running a webinar with Biodiversity Funders Group inviting funders to explore the power of narrative change and learn approaches from P4NE grantees. Keynote speakers were Alnoor Ladha from Culture Hack Labs, Matthew Butcher, from New Economy Organisers Network, and Dr. Lewis Akenji from Hot or Cool Institute.

  • Hosting an online sense-making session focused on Germany - bringing grantees together to explore the collective view of the opportunities and challenges the political landscape presents for new economy changemakers.

  • Meeting with others in Brussels to start planning the Beyond Growth conference (May 2023) which will be held at the European Parliament.

  • Approving grants at our recent Board meeting, including: Dark Matter Labs: ‘Radical Civics’ - bringing radical economic ideas to life to spark imagination and debate [GBP 298,000, 2 yrs]; Ngāi Tahu Research Centre: transforming economic policy through using Indigenous knowledge in the budget process [NZD 100,000, 2 yrs]; WEAll Aotearoa New Zealand: focused on building collaboration to push wellbeing policies up the election agenda [NZD 140,000,1 yr]; Economic Change Unit: renewing our support to enable ECU’s focus on coordinating the UK new economy movement [GBP 340,000, 2yrs].

Spotlight on…


We are starting to share jobs that we come across through our grantees and others that are broadly in the ‘new economy’ field. If you’d like us to share a job here - to go out at the end of each month - please email Cassie.

What have we missed?

We plan to publish this in the last week of every month. We'd love to include things that you want to spotlight and share. Email us if you'd like to suggest an article, event or idea for us to include in a future edition.