P4NE’s Roundup No.10

We want to see the new economy ecosystem grow, deepen its relationships and make greater progress together. We think that illuminating work and ideas across different aspects of the ecosystem and bringing more coherence to the field as a whole is one way of doing this. This monthly roundup is one of our contributions.

Ten things on our radar this month…

  1. A beautiful animation of the migration of birds in Europe traced by GPS. It reminds us of just how interconnected our world really is.

  2. Two new learning opportunities; The New Capitalism Project’s “learning in public” website sharing their work to date and the thinking and learning they will do going forward. And a new, free online course Economics For Emancipation: Capitalism, Solidarity and How We Get Free. ‘It offers a deep critical dive into the current political economic system, exploration of alternative economic systems, and dynamic tools to dream and build the economy that centers care, relationship, and liberation.’

  3. A new 5-point plan from Zoe Institute making recommendations for successful EU industrial policy on how to successfully speed-up green technologies whilst fostering socio-economic cohesion.

  4. ‘Prayers for a cruel blessed world’ a beautiful new anthology from The NAWI Afrifem macroeconomics collective: “Economics especially at a macro level is always held behind technical jargon. But at the heart of it really is a power struggle underpinned by the usual...race, gender, region, etc... this piece curates snippets through time of African women's resistance from tax to the environment and beyond...”

  5. The largest systematic mapping of degrowth policy proposals - and a helpful set of visuals explaining how we transition to a post-growth economy.

  6. An article making the case for using nature as infrastructure - in the climate crisis, wetlands have more economic value than new development.

  7. From the medicines we need to the food we eat, a handful of big companies control the way we produce and consume the basics of life. Niall Glynn’s explanation of how monopoly capitalism is at the heart of global injustice - and why it’s time to fight back.

  8. A reaction to the unfolding banking crisis from Finance Watch: ‘This should be a wake up call. Financial authorities must properly implement and reinforce international prudential and resolution rules for banks.’

  9. The world economic forum’s summary of the IPCC synthesis report: ‘The viability of humanity living within planetary boundaries rests on the actions we take in the next seven years.’

  10. Two hopeful stories of collaboration to protect biodiversity: a new model for global water conservation in Albania, where the untamed Vjosa River is not Europes first wild river park, and how pastures were transformed into a wildlife haven in Brazil.

Some things we’ve been up to…

  • Publishing a tender for new economy learning products for funders, an initial piece of scoping work to establish who the audience(s) are, what the level of interest and demand is, and what types of learning products will best meet those needs. Apply by 17th April, 5pm BST.

  • Preparing for our quarterly board meeting in Copenhagen this week, where we’ll also be attending and speaking at KR Foundation’s conference: Towards a New Economics and Politics of Planetary Boundaries.

  • Exploring the Decolonizing Economic Summit schedule, held virtually and in person between 20th and 22nd April. Sessions range from ‘Decolonizing finance’ to ‘The role of art and culture in Decolonizing Economics’.

Spotlight on - Movement Hub, Germany


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