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In the 09/27/2014 edition:

What I Love About Each Astrology Sign

By Calleen Wilder on Sep 26, 2014 07:20 pm


This is super fun.  I already posted What She Hates About Each Sign… so, this is only fitting that I post this too.  TOO fun!

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October 2014 Astrology Transits

By Calleen Wilder on Sep 26, 2014 01:15 pm

October 4th – Mercury goes Retrograde in Scorpio

We all know by now that Mercury going backwards means all things communication and travel related take a sharp nose-dive.

Generally, we can expect our computers to go haywire, our mail to get lost, and our cars to get wrecked, or at the very least, rattled.  But what else can be expected when everyone drives like they’re the only ones the road was built for?   It happens.  People get so lost in thought they forget about everyone else, regardless of where life finds them.  And if you have road rage like I sometimes do, it’s going to be a very loud few weeks.

Too, since people miscommunicate about pretty much everything they open their mouths to talk about, there’s little going to be accomplished.  Heck, there’s little going to be understood since everyone is saying one thing and meaning another.  OR… is it the other way around?   So confusing!  The bigger problem is, we don’t even realize we’re doing it.  And everyone else is doing it too.  So it’s best then to clarify, and clarify, and then clarify some more.

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The Paranormal Diaries – Clophill

By Calleen Wilder on Sep 24, 2014 11:31 am

The Paranormal Diaries—Clophill is due to be released on home video September 30, 2014, although Rotten Tomatoes lists it as available on DVD as of the 29th.

I have no idea whether this will be worth the watch. But it is a true story which involves six investigators visiting one of the world’s most haunted places in search of proof of the paranormal. That alone will have me watching.

The site visited is St. Mary’s Church at Clophill, which has been known for centuries as a place where grave robbers, Satanists, body snatchers, and all sorts of unscrupulous people have been drawn.

The filmmaker, Kevin Gates, and his team apparently spend 3 nights in what is said to be the most “unholy of grounds”.

I’ll report back once I’ve seen it. Hopefully, it’ll be worth the watch.

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In China No One Wants to Hire a Virgo

By Calleen Wilder on Sep 22, 2014 03:25 pm


OK… so I had to repost this article. It was originally posted in the New Republic. It’s just too funny. And yes, I am a Virgo!

Article By Maggie Lange Follow @maggielange

At the New Republic, Christopher Beam looked into horoscope-related hiring choices in China, where “astrology-based discrimination is real.” He reports that astrological signs often influence employment, based on assumptions about personality and perceived compatibility with other signs. Beam writes:

In this astrological version of natural selection, no one has it tougher than Virgos, born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22. The persecution is mostly playful. This month, Virgos have been taking a ribbing online for the usual sins: They’re picky, they’re spoiled, they’re fussy to the point of being obsessive-compulsive … An online survey conducted by Sina this week asked, “Which astrological sign has the most trouble finding work?” Virgo won—well, lost—by a long shot.

The maligned Virgos, meanwhile, have begun a campaign to reclaim their reputation. Typical Virgo. They just want to put their exasperating diligence to work — for you, hopefully! Please reconsider their applications. Don’t forget to double-check their references. They just love the concept of double-checking, that’s all.

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Ghost Hunting & Energy Drains

By Calleen Wilder on Sep 22, 2014 12:07 pm

This last Saturday on “Ghost Adventures; Aftershocks”, Zac mentioned how he now gets “ghost hangovers”. He said that since he’s been hunting ghosts for so long, after a really active or long hunt he often feels drained for days after.

Again, this is why I love these Aftershock shows. They share information the normal show would not.

So here’s the thing, in working as a psychic/medium for the last 30 years, the same thing happens to me. In fact, I started pruning down the number and types of readings I do for the last 10.

I used to do event readings for Christmas parties and such, but found that I’d end up in bed exhausted and wrung out for about three days after. So these were the first to go. And I’ve been continuously adjusting my regular readings every since.

So why is this? I believe it’s because of the “energy shifting” that’s required to make contact with anything. After all, we shift energy around other people too. Think about how certain people make you feel energized, while others drain you. It’s not all mental. Our energy, and other people’s energy, interact on and ongoing basis, even if we never say a word to one another. And, the longer we’re exposed to a person or situation, the more we’ll feel their energy affecting us afterwards. It really is a cumulative process.

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