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Hello Everyone...

Just wanted to drop all of my subscribers a quick note in order to allow each of you to be the first to know, well in truth, the only ones to know, that the next personal Psychic/Medium reading dates I have available are Monday, November 3rd, and Tuesday, November 4th.

These will be the last two reading days for 2014.  

Since my daughter passed a year ago December, I will be taking the month of December off.  Not to mention, it's also her birthday month and Christmas.  So I don't expect to be anywhere near reading ready in December.

I'm hoping to release the book I've been working on about her life, and the lessons I learned as a result of it, the first part of November (fingers crossed).  Thus, I'll be spending the remainder of October finishing up the book, and most of  November promoting the book.

As for 2015, I don't really know at this time what I will be doing.  Her passing has definitely taken the wind out of my sails, and I feel my life is being pulled in very different directions as a result.

Consequently, I can't say if or when I'll return to offering readings again.  I'm sort of "going with the flow" right now and working on several projects I've been meaning to get to for quite some time.  

My schedule goes something like this:

First project:  I'm finishing up her book and shooting for a release date of November 2, 2014 (fingers crossed).  

Second project:  I will be adding another chapter to my Life After Death book.  One that pertains to what I've experienced as proof of Life After Death since her passing.  

Third project: I'm going to be combining my Ghost Hunting and Ghosts & Hauntings book into one book. In that book I will be compiling pretty much everything I know about ghosts... regardless of whether that pertains to hunting them, getting rid of them, or just understanding them.

Fourth project: I hope to write far more blog posts as I scout around the internet for things I hope you'll find interesting.  So continue to check out my Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and blog pages, as I intend to become far more active on all of them.  

Fifth project: I have another book in mind.  One I hope to write in 2015.  This book will include all the details and experiences I encounter as I try to make very tangible contact with my daughter.  

Since I've always done what others tell me can't be done, I won't let a little thing like death stop me from actually seeing, and touching, her again.  As such, once I have figured out the formula, I will be writing down my experiences and processes in order that others can do the same thing if they chose to.   

Last project:  If time allows, I may try to put together some seminars &/or webinars.  I've always wanted to do a few, but simply have never had the time.

Still though, I know I need to leave room for spirit to work in my life, so I can't say how much of my "to do" list will actually get completed.  

I only know that for the time being, I will be putting readings on hold, other than the two remaining dates listed above.  

As always, you will be the first to know whatever it is I'm doing.  Also the first to know whenever I complete any projects.  And lastly, the first to know if and when I begin to offer more reading dates.

Thanks again.  If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

Best Wishes Always,
Calleen Wilder
Copyright © 2014 Calleen Wilder, llc, All rights reserved.

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